Claire Delfin Media Launches Pet Oriented Lifestyle TV Show: Luv U Pet

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Pet lovers unite! Finally, I have been waiting for a tv show that will cater to all the pet lovers out there and soon to be pet owners. Luv U Pet is a breath of fresh air to all the negative news that we usually watch on TV. This is something that we can look forward to that will give us a lot of awareness on how we should take care of our pets and the animals around us.

 Luv U Pet held a Bloggers launch last February 23 at The Farm Organics, The Fort BGC and it is in fact the perfect venue because they serve the best healthy and organic food.

We all know Claire Delfin, an award winning journalist who is now on the field of producing quality tv shows via GMA News Channel (Channel 11) for the Filipino audience. Luv U Pet is the first show that they will launch this year among others. According to Ms. Claire, the idea of producing the first ever Pet TV Show is quite a challenge for her, it is risky yes because because when it comes to producing, there are a lot of things you have to consider like the money, research and more but on her end, she loves the idea of sharing relevant topics and awareness on how people should take care of their pets and how we should all take it seriously. About 10 million households across the country have at least one cat or dog. These pets are not just any animals but in our culture, they are part of the family.

Let's Meet the hosts of Luv U Pet
Jamie Carmel Fournier is an events host, radio DJ, instructional designer, and artist. Interacting with individuals while hosting, enjoying music every single day with others, and losing herself to days filled with painting are amongst her favorite things to do in life.
She loves traveling and is absolutely crazy about dogs. To her, these two make 
her busy life more exciting.

She always has a soft spot for dogs, whether it's a working dog she sees in the mall or any dog that she meets every day. She treats them like human beings; she sees them like human beings. They feel, they communicate, and sometimes she even thinks they have bigger hearts than people. Jamie has a 3 year old beagle named Chase.

Lestre Zapanta is well-known in the pet community as "The Pinoy Dog Whisperer." As a dog master with 15 years of experience analyzing canine behavior, he has become the go-to guy for people whose dogs are aggressive, fearful, excited, or have other behavioral issues.

Growing up in the province, Lestre has observed street dogs whom he believes are more sound, stable and secure than most pampered purebreds.

Although he studied Engineering in the University of the Philippines and also took up Flying in Airlink, Lestre still landed in the place he truly loves--being with dogs.

With his expert dog behavior control training, Lestre can take on even the "hopeless cases" that other dog trainers could not handle.

Ms. Claire is excited and thankful that Luv U Pet is a show that will definitely catch the attention of viewers since it is a show that focuses on the everyday lives of Pet Owners, how pets interact with the humans and how to treat important issues like maltreatment of animals and more. We can learn a lot from this show and each episode, different topics will be tackled, they even have a segment with Pet Express, one of the sponsors of the show who will give some pointers on grooming tips and more of your pet. 

Luv U Pet also have generous sponsors like Glutamax, Nice Day Coffee and Francis M. Clothing Line Co. who superbly created wonderful shirts for everyone.

Honey Glaze Cakes also sponsored the event and made this really nice cake!
you can also order via

We also met this super adorable Alaskan Malamute of Sir Lestre. I will not pass up the opportunity of taking a photo. With Luv U Pet, they will also feature some of the celebrities with their cute pets as well.

Check out our interview here:
Don't miss Luv U Pet every Saturday from 4:00 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. 
via GMA News TV Channel 11.

For more details:
Twitter & IG: LuvUPetcdm

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