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Nowadays, with the hectic schedule of everyone, whether it may be at work or doing household chores, we all need to be pampered from time to time so that we can rejuvenate ourselves and be ready for our next tasks. Taking care of ourself includes a lot of refreshing activities to choose from and one that I enjoy the most is having a facial or going to a spa.

There's nothing more wonderful than going to a skin care clinic that offers beauty from within and the aftermath is a glow that will last forever. 

Last February 8, I had this opportunity to try out the newest Skin Care Clinic at the heart of The Fort, Taguig. Skin Philosophie Skin & Laser Center is a one stop immaculate correction, holistic wellness and solution. They are not your usual skin care clinic because it is owned and operated by a UK trained doctor and they offer customized patient centered skin care program and also have advanced technology, equipment and skin care products. Dra. Talens assures everyone that they are updated with skin care technology. 

She said that is important in any field of medicine to be updated, because there are always new discoveries being made and new technologies that emerge. With Skin Philosophie, they are armed with latest and most effective treatments.

Dra. Kyla M. Talens M.D., DCD, MSc, is an Aesthetic doctor who owns Skin Philosophie Medical Aesthetic and Lifestyle SolutionsShe graduated at University of the Philippines with a degree in Medicine, earned a degree as well at Cardiff University in United Kingdom for Clinical Dermatology and on top of that studied Masteral degree on Clinical Dermatology at the same prestigious University in UK.  Lastly, she also went to Mahidol University in Thailand to further update her knowledge when it comes to skin care. With all of these qualifications, we all know that our skin will be well taken care of.

I wouldn't pass up the opportunity of trying out their services!
I tried their Skin Philosophie Signature Facial (Php 1,500) which is done 
around 40-60 minutes. 

According to Dra. Talens, beautiful skin comes from within and even if you always do facials and other skin care treatment but you are surrounded with negative vibes then it will not work out. Stress is the number 1 factor that gives out skin a dull look. Now in order to have that wonderful skin, you've got to have a happy and positive outlook in life.
For the Skin Philosophie Signature Facial, the first step is cleansing. They used a hypo allergenic cleanser so that the skin will have no rashes after.  It is also recommended for all skin types so you don't have to worry on this one.

The next step is my favorite actually. The facial massage is the best. I actually couldn't help myself from falling asleep. It is very relaxing.  The galvanic toning that they used feels really refreshing because it's cold. The next step is the scrubbing and diamond microderm abrasion which removes dead skin cells. I love this step compared to other skin care clinics because they don't using pricking anymore which gave me trauma. They use a scrubber that will totally scrub off the black heads and white heads. The Diamond microderm abrasion closes the pores and tightens it to protect it from within. It also gives a powdery aftermath like you've just put a powder on your face. Gentle reminder! after this procedure, you are not allowed to walk around under the bright daylight or under the sun. Use umbrella or better yet protect your skin and you can wash your skin after 24 hours.

After the facial, my skin feels radiant, fresh and clean. I am so thankful to Dra. Talens because she does the procedure to make it sure everything is done right. She will totally make you feel comfortable and will even give advice on how to take care of your skin.

Check out the procedure here:
They offer a simple yet elegant touch of white and violet motif. I hope they'll offer more rooms in the future because for sure more customers will avail of their excellent services.

Skin Philosophie offers a lot of skin care services suitable for your needs like:
Laser Treatments, Anti-Aging (Face and Body),  Facials, Acne Management, Skin Lightening (Face & Body), Body contouring, Electrocautery and injectables.

Skin Philosophie by Dra. Talens lives by a mantra, "Crafting beauty is an art. Be our Masterpiece." This is a wonderful invitation to all. 

I am accredited online lead generator of Skin Philosophie

Special treat to my beloved readers! Skin Philosophie will be giving an exclusive 10% discount on their services and free consultation if ever you need some advice about your skin condition or what type of service you'll avail. 

If you want to receive an exclusive 10% discount on regular services offered by Skin Philosophie, just fill up this form and an email will be sent to you that you can present at your appointment.

If you want to arrange a free consultation session with Dr. Kyla Talens, just fill up this form and it will be emailed to you.

3rd Level, The Fort Strip, 28th Street corner 7th Ave., 
Bonifacio Global City (BGC), Taguig City 
Mobile : 0917-8860646 / 0917-8906800
Phone : 02-2118762 / 02-2158080 / 02-8567451

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