Give Something Exotic & Memorable this Valentines Day!

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A day before Valentines Day and you seem to be running out of ideas what to give to your special someone?
Is he or she the type of person who loves anything exotic?an adventurous person? or you want to give this person something that will make it really memorable?

Here is something that will surely be a memorable gift for your loved ones. 
Introducing the CHOCO-ROACH from Magaul Bird Park at Jest Camp. 

I myself, I am really scared with cockroaches, it's something that will make me scream at the top of my lungs without even watching a horror flick but trust me if I receive something like this, it would be something unique for me, instagram worthy for sure!

Choco-Roach are real chocolates! This is a symbolic way of telling your loved one that your love can survive any obstacles, even a nuclear warfare just like the cockroaches that survived when United States  dropped an atomic bomb on Hiroshima & Nagasaki in 1945 according to Discovery Channel, read the full story here :

For P499, the gift package includes choco-roach and not a cockroach covered with chocolate, a colorful certificate sent to your Loved-one announcing that a cockroach has been named in his or her honor

You can also avail the P999  choco-roach package with Magaul Bird Park Admission (so they can visit their cockroach namesake) for two aside from the colorful certificate and the 
choco-roach itself.

By buying the Choco Roach, you will not only give a very memorable and unique Valentine;s Gift but the proceeds will help in animal conservation under the care of Magaul Bird Park

For more details, call 0917 9048777 or 0922 3844227. Or you can buy it online at :!give-a-choco-roach/cmap

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