Kapuso Wellness Activity with Sheena Halili and Solenn Heussaff

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Summer is fast approaching and what better way to welcome this season but to embrace being fit! Actually, I think whatever the season might be, we should always keep our bodies healthy and fit just like the super sexy Kapuso stars Sheena Halili and Solenn Heaussaff.

Thankfully, GMA Network invited us to a day of wellness at Whitespace located at Katipunan Quezon City. I super love the ambiance at Whitespace. The venue is really relaxing and the view's even more fantastic.

For our Kapuso Wellness activity, together with fans of Ms. Sheena Halili, me and my fellow Blogger friend Ms. Jing Javier were all excited for our activity that day which is YOGA!

Our instructor really help us to achieve our flexibility so that we can harmonize our mind, body and spirit into a whole new level. It was not my first time to try Yoga, but my experience here at Whitespace is amazing. I can really feel how my body reacted with the experience. 

Sheena Halili shared her experience as well and she mentioned that she really enjoyed yoga. Even adding that she will really come back because she loves the ambiance at Whitespace. 

We also got the chance to ask Sheena about the upcoming Starstruck this coming summer. She answered that she is happy and at the same time a bit sad because there will be more artists via GMA Network. Happy because there will be more hopefuls who will be given a chance to achieve their dreams, sad because she feels like she's growing old, she did a mother role already and right now, she knows that she should welcome more mature roles.

Sheena shared her most memorable experience during her Starstruck days which is when they had this time together with all the batch 1 members and they had this heart to heart talk. It was a special bonding experience because they get to know each other more.

Sheena shared that in the future, she also wanted to try hosting. Not formal hosting but hosting in a fun way. This is one perfect way to describe her: Fun and full of energy. 
When it comes to how she keeps herself fit and healthy, she mentioned that her doctor suggested yoga to her as well so that she can also maintain her weight. She added how yoga is a bit difficult but at the same time it feels like your muscles are being massaged. The experience according to her is very rewarding. 

Her last project was Hiram na Alaala and she will have project soon so watch out for it.

Check out Sheena's full interview here:

Solenn Heussaff is currently hosting the lifestyle show of GMA Network Taste Buddies with Iya Villania-Arellano. The show perfectly fits Solenn's personality because she also loves to cook, if you are a follower of her Instagram account, you will see how adventurous she is when it comes to cooking food. She doesn't settle for anything less, she goes out on her way to try out different dishes.

So how does Solenn keeps fit and healthy? she said that most people ask her advice via Twitter and Instagram and she feels a bit weird about it because back when she was a kid, she was really chubby so right now, she said as we all grow older, we really have to watch out what you eat. Moderation is the key according to her. One thing she makes sure she would do is that she doesn't go for a second serving, she would settle for a meal the size of her palm and that's it. 

Solenn added that she feels lucky that her fiancee Nico also encourages her to work out and stay fit, they work out together and when she feels lazy to work out, he would really push her to her limits to work out. She also makes it a point that she will get enough sleep everyday. One secret she does so that she will not eat that much is that she always brings mouth wash and would gargle before eating, that way the food serve will not taste that
 good anymore. She added, eat small portions, last meal would be 6 in the evening, best to eat small portions, be active and do exercise. 

Solenn and her finace Nico also graced the February love issue of Preview Magazine where they shared some important details about their engagement.

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