White Space Wellness: Discover the Transformative Power of Yoga and Mindfulness

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Located  in the  heart of  the  Loyola  Heights  district along Katipunan Avenue is a studio  that provides a welcome sanctuary  in an otherwise  busy residential and academic area. Visitors to White  Space Mind  and Body Wellness Studio  can choose from  a wide variety  of mindfulness- based classes, focusing especially on yoga. 

The studio  also holds  classes on mat pilates  and meditation and offers alternative therapeutic services such as Reiki Healing and Theta Healing.

According  to  Abigail  Rivadelo and Eileen Tupaz, the  Directors  of  White  Space Wellness, their purpose in setting up the studio was to provide a safe, beautiful and nurturing space for people to discover the transformative power of yoga and mindfulness.  Students  can choose among a wide  variety  of  yoga styles  such as Ashtanga  Vinyasa, Hatha,  Vinyasa and  Yin  and  private classes are available for people with  specialized needs. All the classes are held in sunlit rooms with   floor-to-ceiling  windows,   and  despite  its  minimalist  aesthetic,   the  studio   conveys  a surprisingly homey feel.
As Director  Eileen elaborated:   "White  Space Wellness was literally  designed to be a sanctuary. While we get a lot of students who are simply looking for an alternative form of exercise, we get even more students  who turn  to yoga to manage and reduce their stress, or, to address specific health conditions and injuries."

In  recent  months,  White  Space  Wellness  has  begun  to  expand  beyond  the
confines of its home studio in its intention to share the transformative power of yoga. The studio now  offers  classes to  corporate   and  institutional clients,  bringing  the  benefits  of  yoga  to workplaces in need of stress reduction  and the accompanying productivity and morale boost.

However,  transforming  the  lives  of  individuals continues to be the studio's main thrust. In keeping with this, White Space Wellness began offering a "weekends only yoga" teacher training program in September 2014 designed for passionate yogis with full-time commitments.
As Director Abbey put it: "When people fall in love with yoga, they eventually want to deepen their  practice and even share it with  others. For many yogis though, full-time commitments  like raising a family or pursuing  a career often get in the way of being able to do a yoga teacher training program. That's why we decided to offer a program in a modular "weekends only". format, and for yogis who aspire to teach beyond the Philippines, our program is recognized by Yoga Alliance. Our next run begins on July 2015 and ends on September 2015. "

I had this wonderful experience at White Space Wellness when we had an activity via GMA Network's Kapuso Wellness together with Ms. Sheena Halli. It was not my first time to try Yoga but since it was a long time since I last try Yoga, my body really screamed with the experience, not a bad experience but a memorable and welcoming experience because it is a call for something new, refreshing and a healthy habit that I need to start doing.  I will definitely come back and I recommend this place to everyone who wants to welcome a healthier YOU this year. 

So whether you're just starting an exercise regime, complementing a sports routine, or looking for a way to profoundly transform your life, White Space Wellness has something to offer you.

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