Coffee Empire Celebrates 1st Year Anniversary

1:01:00 AM

Coffee Empire is the first 3rd wave café to open that combines as much as 20 varieties of coffee beans, which will all be roasted to perfection and brewed in any method possible, with food prepared in a contemporary style which will feature a mix of Italian, Spanish and French cuisines.

The empire was formed by some of the country's coffee and food experts with vast experience in food service, beverage service (includes recipe development, brewing methods, extraction methods etc.), technical services, training, consulting services, information technologies and marketing. With diversity in skill – sets, all of which when combined will be able to provide the most comprehensive operations not yet experienced in the Philippines. The team has streamlined the division of responsibilities which will only result in fluidity in operations and business growth over time.

Coffee Empire celebrated their 1st year anniversary and also held a Barista challenge competition where the finest Barista will win a whooping iPhone 6! The event was hosted by no less than DJ Nova G of Mellow 94.7.

We also tried different hot drinks in their menu:
Cappucino (Php 130.00)

Latte (Php 145.00)
Amerikano (Php 110.00)

Coffee Empire offers a spacious venue for coffee lovers out there. Apart from this they have 
Giesen, a glass encased space that is temperature controlled where they store 16 varieties of Arabica beans. 

The love and passion for coffee also dictated the arrival of the third wave coffee shop. The desire to serve a perfect cup of coffee prepared in different methodologies and presented in a well-articulated manner paved the way in the development of this concept. The third wave coffee concept is very far and different from the second wave concept. The words to describe a third wave coffee bar are artistic, craftsmen, scientific and tedious. To say that a third way concept is not for the average Joe is wrong, the third wave concept is for everybody who loves coffee and loves enjoying a brew.

Coffee Empires is a whole new concept of drinking the usual coffee we drink. 
The best way to discover something new about coffee is to visit Coffee Empire and experience it for yourself.

#74 West Avenue, West Triangle
Quezon City,Philippines
(02) 410-01-90

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