Delicious Diet: A Whole New Way of Staying Fit & Healthy Delivered to your Doorstep

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Nowadays, being fit is just a cliche. These days, being health-conscious is in. From what I observed, running, eating healthy, and even going green are not just a craze anymore – these activities are becoming more of a lifestyle. A healthy way of living for everyone.

Along with the fame of fitness and being health conscious came businesses that cater especially to the weight- and health-conscious. Specialty meals offering organic food, healthy-eating restaurants, more fitness supply stores, and even diet delivery services have started popping up everywhere.

Going on a diet is never easy. Based on my experience it was never easy. I used to be not this big back when I was in college but when I started working, my lifestyle totally changed. I usually skip walking and ride all the time and my eating habits are not so healthy anymore, unli rice has become a habit as well as eating junk foods. 

Counting calories per meal can actually take a lot of effort. However, these days, there are establishments who provides meals that promise to help you lose weight by lowering your calorie-intake. Just like Delicious Diet.

Delicious Diet offers 5 Day meal plan that covers your Breakfast, Lunch, Snack and Dinner.
Their meals are designed to lessen your food in take and focus on how you can eat in small portions everyday and eat fresh, delicious and healthy foods as well. The best part is, you will not even notice that in the process, you are losing weight but at the same time enjoying what you eat.

For my first day, I didn't even know what to expect so I was excited to what they're going to deliver to me. But the good part is, Delicious Diet is posting their menu for the week ahead.

I started the day right with a breakfast from Delicious Diet: DD's Breakfast muffin with hot chocolate, then for lunch I had Chicken Pepper Rice. For snack, I ate it around 4 in the afternoon, Coco-Chia pudding which tasted good because I love puddings, especially if it's chilled. For dinner, Beef Stroganoff and organic rice. My first impression with the meals delivered to me was, WOW! it was indeed delicious and at the same time healthy.
At first yes, of course I was not used to eating small portions but I know I'll get used to it especially if I want to lose some weight. 

They started out good for my first day, let's see what I had for the next day.

For Day 2, I super love my breakfast: Chunky monkey pancake & organic apple rosehip raspberry tea, Banana and pancake are partnered heavenly and the tea is simply delicious. 
For lunch I had Iberian Chicken and organic rice. My bad since I didn't get the chance to take picture of my snack and dinner but I had Cinnamon fried plantains and for dinner I had Mongolian Beef Bowl. Yup, still a two thumbs up meal throughout the day. Up until now I am getting used to drinking tea to start up my day.

For the third day, I had Greek omelette and whole wheat bread for breakfast. For lunch Bangus a la pobre and organic rice and I super love this, I love anything garlic and this one just like the expression I love using, "Pasok sa banga!" For snack DD's bake creation and a tea, well this one is a first to me, I never had tea in the afternoon but after trying it out, I now drink tea either morning or afternoon. For dinner I had 8 Treasure fish stew and organic rice. Why 8 treasure? maybe because they added 8 different healthy ingredients in my meal that night and I love the taste as well, it's not bland.

For the fourth day, I had another favorite egg pimiento panini and for lunch I had Taiwan style pork stew rice meal. I had oriental pasta salad for snack then for dinner I had beef basil with organic rice. Again, wasn't able to take a photo but just like my experience before hand, the food is superb and I was getting used to eating small portions each day. It has become a habit. 

For the last day of the week, it's indeed a Thank God it's Friday since it's time to relax and enjoy the weekend ahead. For breakfast I had a bagel set which I really enjoyed because I can either put butter or a jam on the bagel and this is with tea of course. For lunch I had shrimp and asparagus with organic rice. It has a lot of shrimp which is just perfect because I love shrimp. For snack I had their baked creation which is a muffin then for dinner I had naked seafood pastel. I love the combination of potatoes and carrots, I'm not a vegetarian but I love eating vegetables. The taste is quite good as well.

I totally recommend Delicious Diet because they indeed serve delicious and healthy meals right at your doorstep and it's really affordable too. I even ordered for my next week because I'm hooked! Not only did I enjoyed their meals but I am also eager to lose weight not only to look good but to feel good as well.

Delicious Diet really lives up to their name since they really prepare delicious meals for you, even the vegetable ones, trust me, you'll eat every leaf of it. They offer diversion of meals as well. You will get excited what they'll serve to you the next day. Portions are serve in a small meal which is why you'll look forward to eat the next meal and not cheat on it.
As a reminder, well, you shouldn't drink anything during this course of healthy meals except for water and tea. This should help in detoxifying whatever it is in your system as well.
You will feel good and lighter as days pass by and I suggest you monitor your weight too.

So, there you have it. Delicious Diet is a whole new way to stay healthy and fit!
Trust me, this is an effective way. So book a meal now! Let me know 
what your experience is at the comment section below :-)

Healthy Weekly Diet Delivery Service!
1,200 calories per day.
Php1,800 for 5 days
Free Delivery Within Metro Manila
Text 09088797915 

For more details, visit their social media sites:

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