Figaro Launches Lenten Goodness Meals & Summer Fusion Drinks

11:30:00 PM

I've always been a big fan of Figaro, being a coffee lover myself, the smell of coffee plus the 
cozy ambiance of their coffee shop always gives me this nostalgic feeling. 

The best part about Figaro is that, not only do they serve coffee and pastries but they also serve good food like pasta meals, rice meals and more.

One of my favorite is their Pasta A la Carlo. Why "Carlo" because the name was given by one of Figaro's seven founders Carlo Tanseco. The taste is something you will surely crave for more. I love that they offer big servings for a very affordable price. 

And because Lenten Season is just around the corner, we observe Lenten week by fasting and no meat too. Figaro offers new dishes that will give you something to enjoy this Lenten week. If you are fasting to prep for the beach getaway or observing Lent, Figaro, the first Filipino coffee company brings new Lenten Goodness - Breaded Dory Sandwich and Basil Gamberetti Pizza.

Savor the juicy and tangy Breaded Dory Sandwich (Phpl35) - a plateful of fried breaded dory fillet in grilled ciabatta bread with lettuce in tartar dressing with green salad on the side. It's healthy and deliciously filling without the guilt.

The green salad is superb especially when you'll squeeze the lemon on it. The breaded dory is delicious as well, you mist also want to squeeze some of the lemon on it too because it has that distinct taste. Nutritious yet perfect for the Lenten season.

Indulge in Basil Gamberetti Pizza (Phpl89) -- a plateful of thin-crispy pizza topped with fresh and juicy tomato slices, shrimps, basil leaves wrapped in mozarella and pizza cheese. Savor the shrimp and cheeses punctuated by the fruity tomato slices and sweet basil leaves. Feel good biting into a slice of Figaro's Basil Gamberetti Pizza and share it with your 'family and friends. Figaro sees your need to feel good and a healthy fill this Lent so give in and enjoy!

This is another favorite! Now added to my long list of favorites at Figaro. The mozarella cheese just melts in your mouth and you can even share this with a friend because it's really tummy filling. It has a generous amount of shrimp all over it which is why you'll enjoy this. Gamberetti refers to shrimp.

Figaro also introduced something really refreshing to drink this summer season!

Figaro, the first Filipino coffee company brings new flavors of cool and refreshing Summer Fusion Drinks; Four Seasons, Lychee Cucumber, Peach Capuccino and Passion Fruit Cucumber (all at Phpl25).

If you're craving for coffee and fruit at the same time, Figaro brings Peach Capuccino
A perfect blend of fruity peach and creamy capuccino coffee satisfies that dream of coffee and fruit in a smoothie. 

Have all the summer fruit flavors in a smoothie with Figaro's Four Seasons. It has all the flavors of summer perfect to quench your thirst this season. 

The healthy smoothie is here in Lychee Cucumber and Passion Fruit Cucumber Fusion drinks. It's light and sweet with just the right amount of sour fruity kick to match your need of a summer drink. Figaro has it all for you this summer because no other understands your love for coffee, from the crop to the cup.

My favorite among the four Summer fusion drinks is the Four Season because it's just the perfect blend of fruit juices that are not too sweet and not too sour as well. Aside from this, these fruit shakes also has a lot of health benefits. Passion fruit is a good source of Vitamic C while Lychee contains dietary fiber, vitamins and anti oxidants. Cucumber fights cancer and relieves bad breath as well. It also cures diabetes, reduces cholesterol and controls blood pressure. Peaches on the other hand contains Vitamin A  B & C.

We also met Chef Dexter and Chef Lester of Figaro.

We truly enjoyed the good food at Figaro and we'll definitely go back for more.
One thing is for sure, hanging out long hours at Figaro is the best because they serve good food and great experience.

For more details, visit and like their official Facebook Page Follow (@figarocoffeehq on Twitter and @figarocoffee on Instagram for more details).

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