Gangnam Blues: Tagalized Version Now Showing in SM Cinemas!

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A Gangster movie has never been this good. I really look up to Koreans when it comes to their entertainment industry, specifically when it comes to their Koreanovelas and their movies. The visuals were impeccable and you can see how good they come up not only with the story but also, they are banking on the actors and the cinematography.

I'm not a big fan of Lee Min Ho until this movie. I was thinking that I don't want to be part of the huge crown of girls drooling over him but after this movie, I finally saw the reason why he has a lot of followers, not only here in our country but around the world. He has done a lot of commercials both print and tv and even ramp, very successful in Koreanovelas and in doing movies as well. He is very versatile, he can do comedy, romance, drama and even action so what more can we ask for? With his good looks and stature, Lee Min Ho is doing a great job at his late 20's. According to an interview, he said that he did this movie so that he can do something more mature especially now that he's turning 30.

My expectations for this movie is not that high but after watching it I want to give it a standing ovation. It was really nice. They combined a trace of comedy and drama to this action packed movie. It also deserves an R-16 rating simply because it's violent and the characters are evolving in a chaotic universe that surrounds them, but it also justifies why it has to be that way.  I recommend this movie to everyone because you will definitely not fall asleep on this one, you'll love how they trace the roots of how they've become 
"gangster" and what they are made of. 

A film by star maker director Yoo Ha, it is the final installment in what is called Yoo Ha's "Street Trilogy", which began with Spirit of Jeet Keun Doin 2004, and followed by A Dirty Carnival'in 2006. Just like its predecessors, Gangnam Blues is heavy on action. It shows Lee Min Ho doing difficult stunts and exhibiting hostile expressions. From Boys Over Flowers, this heartthrob has come a long way indeed with his first full length film.

Lee Min Ho takes on the role of Ragmen Jong-dae, an orphan who grows up in poverty, together with Yong-gi (played by Kim Rae-Won of the hit Koreanovela Love Story in Harvard), a friend who is more like an older brother to him. When a new construction at their shantytown leaves them homeless, the two friends are recruited by a local gang for a sabotage plot, but they get separated in the midst of chaos. Determined to leave behind his impoverished life, a more mature Jong-dae teams up with a local madame who has powerful political connections. The new partners are out to amass paddy fields in Gangnam before they become the new hub city of Korea. When their plan is discovered by another gang, Jong-dae meets his toughest rival ~ his long lost blood brother, Yong-gi.

"No matter what kind of film it is, action must exist to support the drama," says director Yoo Ha about his method for directing action. In Gangnam Blues, the action sequences come out of the characters' need for survival. What can be considered a cut above the rest is the mud gang warfare scene which was created because Yoo Ha wanted "to portray the fate of the two characters and their desperation as they fight and struggle in the mud."

For this scene, the crew members scouted for the right spot and covered the area with dirt. Importance was given to the scene's authenticity, so it was shot with a steady camera, in long continuous takes. For 12 hours a day for one whole week, 150 actors and stuntmen poured their hearts and souls into shooting this scene out in the rain. As the rain turned into mud, the shooc was excruciating for all involved. Without a stunt double, Lee Min Ho had injured his toe in the scene, and had to take morphine shots to be able to finish it.

To play the role of Yong-gi, Kim Rae Won had to lose 15kg, and successfully used his full body to express the sense of danger that his character exudes. The last time he starred in a gangster film was 8 years ago, in the movie Sunflower.

As Gangnam Blues hits Philippine theaters, viewers need not worry about language barrier
because the movie is wonderfully dubbed in Tagalog. Giving it a more Pinoy feel is "Anak", Freddie Aguilar's iconic song which is featured in the trailer.

Gangnam Blues is the first offering of SineAsia, a joint project of Viva Entertainment, Inc. and SM Lifestyle Entertainment, Inc. to provide Filipinos with premiere and never-before-seen Asian films that are Tagalized for a more enjoyable viewing experience. Aside from exclusive features in SM Cinemas and Walter Mart Cinemas, SineAsia will take on various platforms to present its newest and most unique line-up of Tagalized films from South Korea, Japan, China, Taiwan and other parts of Asia. Moreover, a SineAsia Theater will open in SM branches, beginning with SM Megamall, SM Sta. Mesa, SM Fairview, SM Manila, and SM North EDSA on March 4, to be followed soon by SM Bacoor, SM Iloilo, and SM Cebu. Especially designed for SineAsia films, the SineAsia Theater will have an exterior that will emanate the authenticity of the oriental flicks to be played on the big screen. This is the first Asian Tagalized theater in the country.

From Viva International Pictures, MVP Entertainment, and SM Lifestyle Entertainment Inc., Cangnam Blues opens on March 4, exclusively in SM Cinema and WM Cinemas. Don't miss this chance to see a completely different Lee Min Ho and find a new reason to admire him even more. Brought to you by Lee Min Ho's trusted brand, Samsonite Red. Visit their website at

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