Jeff James Releases Go Go Go Album under GMA records

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Hawaii's Hitmaker Jeff James (Jeffro) released his debut album here in the Philippines under GMA Records. He is an American singer-song writer from Hawaii who had a singing career here in the Philippines when he came back in Manila after living in Hawaii for many years. For just one year, he has been busy doing songs of his own and doing collaborations just to produce this new album.

Jeff James is the son of Chuck James, owner of "Chuck James Music School", a popular music school in Hawaii, and is one of its top instructors. He formed his own band "Talk to You Music" (TTYM) and in 2010 their debut single "Hawaiian Girls" hit the #1 spot in Hawaii Charts. In 2011 Jeff's band TTYM won the biggest battle of the bands in Hawaii called the "MaiTai Rumble" which jump-started the band's popularity. His awards include the 2011 Nahoku Hanohano Award (Hawaii Grammy Awards) for "Hawaiian Girls", the 2013 Top Brand Awards Most Inspiring International Male Performer of the Year and the 2013 Peoples' Choice Asia Award for Best New Male Recording Artist.

At first look, you might think that you're looking at Jason Derulo or Chris Brown but hey, Jeff James has his own thing. He is used to Reggae music in Hawaii which is why when he got here in Manila, he wasn't use to ballad songs although he said that he was a fan of Ogie Alcasid and also Bituin Escalante's song "Kung Ako Na Lang Sana" and he even did a sample of this song during the BlogCon at Mom & Tina's.

So How did Jeff James landed on his singing career here in Manila?He said he have a few people that are handling him like Mr. Michael Villanueva, Dianne Ong and they're talking with GMA Records for a few months and according to them it just seemed more comfortable because knowing that GMA Records also has a TV station associated with it, that it seemed like a smarter move than to spend your money somewhere else or to invest your time and efforts to anywhere else.

Jeff James also shared his fun experiences here in Manila, although like most of us, he also hates the traffic but he can bear with it. He loves the food and even likes eating street foods as well. Aside from being popular for playing the yukelele, he also plays different instruments which is also why he calls himself a "one man band". Since he's been to Hawaii for quite some time, he is also friends with American Idol runner up Jasmine Trias who happens to be a Filipina. 

For the album title song, premier i-Pop recording artist Jeffro ("Hawaiian Girls," "Love Me") and International Reggae recording artist Da'Ville ("Mirrors," "Always on my Mind") teamed up for their version of the hot release "GoGoGoGo", a dance anthem from the islands which appeals to all generations and which many expect to become party song of the year.

Track list:
1. 1 mo love song
2. 469
3. Go go go go
4. Good
5. Hawaiian Girls
6. Isa pang love song
7. Let's not pretend
8. Love Me
9. Top of the World
10. Wildside
11. Woowoowoo
12. Love I

The other tracks on the album include the artist's famous Hawaii songs and his original Tagalog song "Isa Pang Love Song". The album was recorded at Chuck James Music Studio, Hawaii, USA, and Rockman Music Studio, Pasig City, Philippines.

Jeff James gained social media popularity in the Philippines by covering Tagalog songs , the most recent one is his own tagalog version of "Happy" that gained 100k plus views in 6 days of release on YouTube. So how did he did this? There was a company called Green Mango who specializes in viral videos and they suggested that he sing "Happy" which is a positive song and also very inspiring. But as days pass by everyone got busy which is why the project didn't push through but he got together with Anna Rabtsun and Rockman Music Studio and they made some different lyrics with Ray Pineda, he helped Jeff James to make the lyrics to fit the Filipino. “It includes things like adobo and drinking buko juice so we made it appeal to them. “And we had plans for it to be viral, you know, so it didn’t surprise us but we are definitely happy that people appreciated the ‘Happy’ song.”  Jeff said.

The collection of titles in Jeff James' new album "GoGoGo" work together to inspire "go with the flow" enjoyment as suggested in that song's lyrics, "Come everybody, feel it in your soul. Now is the time to go, go, go. Ya feel it in your soul. Come on, let's go". The album is available now from GMA Records via digital downloads and also in your favorite local music stores like Astroplus, Astro Vision, Odyssey and SM Music & Video.

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