Kapuso InstaDate with Elmo, Janine, Ashley, Juancho, Ken, Stephanie and Enzo

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Last February 17, GMA held a fun and sweet event "Kapuso Instadate" together with the fast rising stars of Kapuso Network. Ken Alfonso, Ashley Ortega, Juancho Trivino, Enzo Pineda, Stephanie Sol, Elmo Magalona and Janine Gutierrez were present during 
the said event.

Kapuso Insta Date took place at Relik Tapas Bar & Lounge at The Fort and I must admit, they did a wonderful job decorating the whole place. It looks really romantic!

It's also a perfect chance for all of us Bloggers and some media people to get to know these amazing stars in 3 minutes! Yup, 3 minutes, the rule of the game is to get to know them just like how Speed Dating works but this time we will be updated with their latest projects.

With the last few weeks of More Than Words, Elmo is busy with the last taping days of the said show. He said that this show is very memorable to him because it gave him more time to bond with Janine and their friendship grew deeper with this project. After More Than Words, there are no plans yet for another project but he is looking forward on spending more time with his family and doing some of the things he miss the most. 

Since Valentines Day just pass I asked him, "What was the most memorable thing you did for someone on Valentines Day?" Elmo said that since this girl is really special to her, he went to the bazaar where this girl is selling some stuffs and he helped her by buying some of the stuffs at her bazaar. Even to the point of buying all of the things she is selling. 

Now, It's time to get to know Ikay or Janine Gutierrez. She said that even though their schedule is hectic because of More Than Words, she will surely miss the whole staff and crew together with her co-actors because they're like a big family. She added that this project gave her more time to be a versatile actress because she can do drama and comedy as well.

I also asked her "What was the most memorable thing someone did for you on Valentines Day?" and she answered with a smile, when she went to Hong Kong Disneyland because it was her first time as well. She really enjoyed this trip because it brings the child at heart of any person who will visit the said place. 

Next is the hunky Ken Alfonso. He's done a lot of commercials before and now he wanted to 
focus on honing his hosting skills. He was part of Dading last year and this year he is part of Kailan Ba Tama ang Mali. Right now he is also busy with an upcoming show via a travel show at GMA News TV "Touchdown" which airs every Sunday. They'll be checking out different places and new talents to be discovered a s well.

Ken performed that night and admirably, he has good voice which is why I also asked him if ever given the chance, would he also wanted to be launched as a singer? He answered that being in the showniz industry, you have to be flexible which is why he would love to try it as well given the chance.

What was the most memorable thing you did for someone on Valentines Day?
His answer to this is when he cooked something really special for his girl friend and prepared a nice dinner date for her. It was memorable for both of them since it was his first time to cook and it turned out delicious!

It's always nice to interview Enzo Pineda, he is very straight forward and would always engage you in a nice conversation. Not only is he busy with More Than Words, he will be doing an indie film soon plus since he is one of the endorser of Bench, he will be doing something new for the brand as well. He added that he will also be part of regional shows of GMA Network since they will be doing trips around the country and promoting some of the shows of GMA. 

In case you're wondering how Enzo stay fit, he is really into sports and he will training soon for the upcoming Triathlon, he is hopping he can join and compete as well. A lot of artists are into Triathlon and have been competing as well like Ryan Agoncillo, Benjamin Alves, Jennylyn Mercado, Drew Arellano and more. Aside from More Than Words, you can also catch him via Sunday All Stars. Enzo said that he loves being busy and doing something continuously. He feels grateful to Kapuso Network for trusting him with the best projects which is why he always gives his best.

What was the most memorable thing you did for someone on Valentines Day?
He remembers during high school he bought a necklace with a locket to this girl and that is the special moment when he said yes to him. 

Juancho Trivino was also a part of More Than Words but for a little time only. Right now he is part of Bubble Gang where he showcases his other side of being funny. According to him, since he have tried doing drama and comedy, for him it's still challenging to do a drama role. Maybe because for him, it's natural to be funny. He will be part of an upcoming teleserye via Kapuso Network entitled "InstaDad" together with Ahley Ortega and Gabby Eigenmann.

What was the most memorable thing you did for someone on Valentines Day?
The most memorable for him was when he took this special girl on a date, it was special because they could spend some time together alone and enjoy each other's company, although right now he is taking time off with relationships since he wanted to focus 
on his career.

Next on the list is Ashley Ortega. Surprisingly, she is blessed with a lot of projects ever since she became part of GMA Artist Center. This is because she takes her work seriously and is eager to learn more in the industry and from her colleagues. She has been doing TV, ramp and print ads even before she became part of GMA Artist Center and she also a figure skater. Yup! you read that correctly. She is also friends with Michael Martinez although she misses the ice, if she has spare time she would love to go back as well but right now since she is being blessed with projects like Kailan Ba Naging Tama ang Mali and InstaDad, she will focus on this more. She will also graduate soon from High School and would love to take Interior Design course in College or something related to it. 

What was the most memorable thing you did for someone on Valentines Day?
As for Ashley, she confessed that she is a member of "NBSB". She has admirers yes and she goes out on dates but right now even before she confides that she haven't meet that special someone that will sweep her off her feet. 

Lastly, Stephanie Sol whom we get to know better via her role in More Than Words as Belle. According to her, she's sad because they're taping the last few weeks of More Than Words and she admitted that she truly loves her More Than Words family as well as her role. Her role as Belle challenge her to be something that she was not in real life. To be the third wheel between the famous Elmo and Janine love team is something. She also shared how fun it is working with Elmo and Janine because they are both nice. They're that close even to the other cast that she will totally miss all their bonding moments.

What was the most memorable thing you did for someone on Valentines Day?
According to Stephanie, every date is something she cherish and treats memorable with her special someone. She feels lucky because her boy friend is very supportive of her in terms of her career.

We will surely miss Elmo and Janine once More Than Words bids farewell but hopefully they'll have a new project soon. 

Ken Alfonso performing Thinking Out Loud:

Thank you Steph, Julian, Ashley, Ken, Elmo, Janine and Enzo for taking your time off from your busy schedule to mingle with us. It was indeed a fun Kapuso Instadate!

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