Ruru Madrid & Gabbi Garcia stars in an Upcoming Teleserye Let the Love Begin

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Ruru Madrid and Gabbi Garcia has a great news to all of their loyal supporters who have been there for them since day one. They truly have come a long way since their first pair up from My Destiny where Gabbi narrated that she wasn't really sure how long her character will stay on that teleserye and surprisingly, Gabbi became a mainstay because they love team became a hit.

Both Ruru and Gabbi are very talented which is why Gabbi mentioned that she has to keep up with Ruru because he came to the showbizness much earlier before her. With their upcoming teleserye, both even prove that they are not just actors but they can sing very well too, they gave a sample of their own version of "Let the Love Begin".

Ruru and Gabbi will be the lead stars of the upcoming teleserye "Let the Love Begin" a remake of the movie of the same title but this time, they will make a teleserye out of it. The stars of the movie before were Richard Gutierrez and Angel Locsin, introducing Jennylyn Mercado and Mark Herras.  Now, Ruru and Gabbi will take their roles and this made them really excited and pressured at the same time but they both feel really thankful for GMA for trusting them this project. The story is set in high school and it will be directed by Gina Alajar. Pia (Gabbi) is beautiful and wealthy. She is the campus sweetheart that every guy is dreaming of while Eric (Ruru), Pia's high school classmate, is intelligent and has a good heart, but lives in poverty.

Aside from being busy with new projects, both Ruru and Gabbi are also busy with their personal life since they also graduated from high school this month. Gabbi graduated from St. Paul Pasig together with Julia Barretto who happens to be her classmate. Ruru graduated from National Christian Life College and was even awarded with Most Outstanding Performance award. 

What makes their love such a hit even though there are a lot of love teams nowadays?They
answered that what they have is pure and natural. What you see is what you get. 
They started out as friends and they even have an "I Love Story" that goes with it.
They shared a lot of cute and fun stories with us that we also felt that "kilig" moments with them. Gabbi even said that when she first met Ruru, she thinks he was suplado because he never smiles. But Ruru said that when they are taping, he was just serious because he wanted to make sure that he is concentrating on his next scene. Gabbi on the other hand got busy last March 18 when she went all the way to Batangas to help preserve Marine Life. According to her, it was not her first time to do this. Gabbi is a licensed diver.

There were a lot of revelations that day, one is Gabbi used to have this huge crush with Elmo Magalona and Ruru on Solenn Heusaff. But for Ruru, he added that he thinks Gabbi is really beautiful because she has that Filipina beauty. We are all looking forward to Gabbi to enter Binibining Pilipinas competition someday and we are sure she will win. 

So, watch out for them upcoming teleserye "Let the Love Begin" on 
GMA Primetime!

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