Taco Bell: Celebrate Change at their new LIVE MÁS Store!

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If you love tacos, burritos and other Mexican foods then Taco Bell is the perfect place for you, aside from these Mexican food, they all offer it with a big twist, something we should definitely check out one of these days.

Taco Bell was founded 50 years ago by Glen Bell. Taco Bell has been known in the food industry by always "thinking outside the bun" which means they're definitely unique.
Philippine Pizza Inc. which is the franchise operator of Pizza Hut and Dairy Queen opened the very first Taco Bell store in the Philippines at the ground floor of Gateway Mall then they opened the second branch at the 3rd floor of Gateway then to Trinoma as well.
As years pass by Filipinos dig in to the flavorful Mexican food Taco Bell offers.

Right now, Taco Bell is giving their store a new twist. We all believe in the saying that we should treat "food as experience" which is why Taco Bell is living in that same mantra. Taco Bell welcomes everyone to their stores by encouraging everyone to try something they've never tried before! Thus, "Live with MÁS!"

Live with MÁS! is created by Sir Glen Bell for the brand with the idea that inspires consumers to never stop exploring.
Interactive counter, the menu above is presented in monitor style

You can wait for your order at the side where your number will be displayed

The fun part is, Taco Bell now has an open kitchen where you can watch how your favorite tacos or burritos are being prepared fresh and delectably good!

You will surely love as well their Dining Area! I love the color which is green and the upscale 
design of it is very comfy not to mention they support are gadget needs: socket every where! now you don't have to worry draining your battery while instagraming your fave food at Taco Bell, charge away and mind you they also have WI-FI so tag your friends and don't forget to hashtag #TacoBellPhl

The Food
Our visit to Taco Bell will not be complete witout trying out their Mexican Food!
Starting off with their XL Cheese & Beef Quesadilla (Meal #5 Php 189)
This is definitely my favorite! I love how their quesadilla is overflowing with cheese because it's supposed to be that way unlike others. It also comes with a drink, with nachos on the side, Burp moment with this one.

Taco Bell now offers rice meals and the one we tried was the Pork Barbecue Rice Meal
(Php 139) comes wityh a drink as well. This is another superb meal! The pork is tender and the rice is very flavorful, the combination of everything in that plate is very filling and this is another Burp moment for me. Definitely must try!

Then there's Meal #3 Grilled stuff Burrito (Php 169.00) 

 I love their desserts as well because I'm a chocolate lover. Taco Bell offers Chocodilla with Nutella and Churros with a dip. Now, everything you ever wanted is smacked at Taco Bell.
You don't need to go anywhere. Everything is mouthwatering and it will be serve to you by their friendly staff. What I love about their menu is that it's very affordable too. Your tummy and wallet will be both very happy.

So, if you're looking for something new, I recommend dropping by at Taco Bell.
They are planning to renovate all of their branch and we're all excited for that too.

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