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There's nothing more refreshing than going to a market where almost everything you need
is there. I'm not really into going to the wet market because I usually get very stressed bumping into a lot of people, going from one place to another looking for the ingredients I need but now, things are way more different at Farmers Market.

There is nothing quite like a delectable dish made out of the freshest, locally-grown produce that one can find at the one and only Farmers Market. A recognized landmark in the heart of the Araneta Center, Farmers Market retains its 40 year distinction as an undisputed benchmark and source for fresh seafood, best cooking ingredients and food choices in the metro.

Truly a market like no other in the world, Farmers Market hold its first FARMERS MARKET DAY TOUR. This is in participation to the month-long gastronomic feast “Flavors of the Philippines” by the Department of Tourism. The tour around the world-class market will be Araneta Center’s contribution to the festival of food-related events and activities which aims to introduce the Philippines as the gourmet capital in Asia.

Last April 17, the Media were invited for a Market Day Tour and we were toured by no less than Binibining Pilipinas Ms. Universe Pia Wurtzbach and Bb. Pilipinas 1st Runner Up Hannah Ruth Sison. It was really an honor to finally meet these two beautiful ladies and of course to be part of this iconic tour.

Farmers Market will also be hosting the market day tour on April 23 for the elite chefs featured on Madrid Fusion Manila 2015 -- the most anticipated gastronomic event will bring together renowned culinary experts from Spain and the Philippines sharing history and culture in a single culinary stage. Members of international media will be present to cover the Chefs’ Market Day Tour.

Before you start your Market Day, you might want to head on first to the push cart area so that you can borrow one since it will surely help you while buying the stuff you need. The Timbangan ng Bayan is located at the center of Farmers Market too.

Farmers Market will be the apt venue for these events as it gives premium to the quality and variety of goods and products. It boasts of the widest array of seafood available, flown in daily from various fish ports in the Philippines. The live seafood section at Farmers Market elevates the experience of shopping for sea produce due to the fresh choices available, plus one can glimpse through the giant aquariums of Fishmoko and choose from the freshest catch of the day varying from live fish, crabs, shellfish and other products from the country’s bountiful sea.

At the organic section, one can pick ingredients from the wide assortment of fruits and vegetables grown chemical-free and pesticide-free to prepare healthy meals for the whole family. Aside from fresh farm produce, items such as specialty and gourmet coffee, local delicacies, and native products are also available in the dry goods section of the market. 

Along its arcade, customers can choose from the tempting display of pastry products and other gastronomical treats while browsing through a wonderful array of essential cooking implements sold at bargain prices.

Unique Korean and Japanese goodies are available at the Masan Grocery, check out those Melona Ice Cream, really mouth watering!

 For those craving to get a taste of healthy Asian fare, Alex Sea Delicatessen offers customers fresh sushi and rolls.

Market goers can also enjoy their purchases right away at the Dampa- a food court inside Farmers Marketwhere one can have their fresh market goods prepared, choosing from the endless culinary possibilities that will satisfy their cravings.

Farmers Market has earned recognition for its cleanliness and world-class standards which professional chefs, home cooks, culinary aficionados, and certified foodies will surely discover as they stroll down its spacious aisles. True to its commitment to promoting the highest culinary standards, Farmers Market is also home to the Center for Culinary Arts and has helped budding chefs learn modern techniques in creating culinary masterpieces. While modern conveniences such as pushcarts are innovations unique to the market, one can still also practice traditional bargaining techniques with market vendors for quality goods at reasonable prices.      

     Looking for poultry products? Farmers Market also offers wide array of fresh meat, chicken selection and eggs that will complete your menu!

Filipino meal will not be complete with our favorite rice. Choose your pick, from brown rice to Malagkit Farmers Market has it.

At the dry goods section, you can also buy native products even in bulks if you are going to host an event for souvenirs. 

You may also drop by at Wei Wei cold store if you're looking for fish balls, kikiam, seafood bun and more. Kitchen equipment are available as well at Farmers Market. If you feel tired and hungry, there's always Tapa King to save the day offers different Pinoy classic delicacies and other dishes.

Have a green thumb or you just love growing plants, flowers, vegetables or fruits on your backyard then head on to Farmers Garden where you will get to appreciate planting in no time. This is a perfect time to go green and spread color on your home. 

Daily market goers can also do their own FARMERS MARKET DAY TOUR simply by downloading or grabbing a copy of the market day tour map. For a more convenient experience, join the Instagram promo from April 17 to 30 to get a free market survival kit. 

This will include market shopping essentials such as fan, notebook, pen, canvas bag, and a bottle of drinking water. 

So, what more can you ask for?everything you need is at Farmers Market!
Drop by now :-)

Here's a group shot with Ms. Hannah Sision and Ms. Pia Wurtzbach
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