GMA Artist Center Summer Party with Juancho Trivino, Vince Velasco & Enzo Pineda

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Last March, GMA Artist Center held a sun summer party together with the Bloggers and three of the hottest hunks of GMA 7: Juancho Trivino, Vince Velasco and Enzo Pineda. The summer party happened at Louisse Private Resort at Antipolo Rizal.

Vince Velasco became popular when he portray a gay role in My Husband's Lover. 
Before he ended up doing acting stints, he's been busy with modeling which is why he has this cool attitude and confidence. 

He will be part of an upcoming teleserye soon via Kapuso Network which is why he is also busy doing workshops. While we interview him, I really find his potential when it comes to hosting. According to Vince, he has been auditioning for hosting stints but he's still waiting for that wonderful project. He would be perfect to host a traveling show. He also confided that 
his dream girl is Jasmine Curtis Smith. He finds her really beautiful and talented. Aside from this he is also looking forward working with Julie Anne San Jose whom he finds very talented as well.

Juancho Trivino on the other hand has been very busy balancing studies and acting. 
He'll be graduating soon which will give him more time to focus on his acting career. 
With Juancho being part of Bubble Gang and Insta Dad, we all know that this guy knows how to be versatile. According to him, it's still much easier to make people laugh via comedy show since for him it is more natural to be funny. He added that he was welcomed in Bubble Gang with open arms, everyone was very nice especially Michael V. With Insta Dad, he'll be paired with fellow GMA Artist Center stars Ashley Ortega. This will be aired every Sunday 
4:30 to 5:30 in the afternoon.

Check out their interview here:

It's always fun interviewing Enzo Pineda because he is very natural and will always answer straight to the point. He will always engage you into a wonderful conversation about almost anything under the sun which is why we were updated with his latest projects and activities.

After More Than Words, Enzo is now busy with an upcoming commercial and photo shoots for a magazine cover. He is also a mainstay of Sunday All Stars where he showcases how amazing he is when it comes to the dance floor. Since it's summer time, Enzo said that this is the perfect time to have that "Me Time"so that he can spend more time with his family and also his off screen girl friend. He is planning to go to the U.S. to watch Manny Pacquiao's fight and also get to travel around. Enzo will also be a part of an upcoming event of GMA 7 on May 7 at Boracay.

When asked if he is ready to accept more mature roles he said that he is more than ready since this will be a perfect time to showcase his versatility. He doesn't have any limitations when it comes to accepting roles, in fact he is thankful to GMA Artist Center for always giving him the right project that will showcase how he good he is in this craft. He wish that he would be a part of an action movie/project like a war movie since this is a very rare project or any project that will challenge him. Aside from acting he is also enjoying doin sports like Triathlon and wake boarding among other things. 

 Check out his full interview here:

It was indeed a fun day with Juancho, Vince and Enzo!

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