Karnitas Korner: Enjoy Gourmet Dishes and Porchetta Meals Like No Other

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Kapitolyo, Pasig is just one of those places you'll definitely want to go to because even if you get lost, you will surely be stuffed with different variants of food since here, you'll find a lot of food joints you'll want to explore just like the newest hole in the wall concept store: KARNITAS KORNER.

You won't miss it's location because of it really cool design outside. I love how they played well with unique design, very artsy indeed, this is one of the places you'll want to 
take photo ops so prepare your cellphones or camera because this place together with its food are definitely instagram worthy.

 Wait till you get inside, you'' be even more fascinated with the walls and the serene vibes this place will give you.

This, in fact is my favorite place at Karnitas Korner.

The Food
Karnitas Korner offers the best and maybe the only restaurant that offers porchetta dishes in the Metro. But first, what is Porchetta? (pronounced as por’ketta) is a savory, fatty, and moist boneless roastpork. 

Rooting from Italian culinary tradition where the pork loin is arranged carefully with layers of stuffing- meat, fat, crispy skin and garlic, rosemary, fennel, or other herbs, it is then rolled and roasted, traditionally over wood. 

Porchetta Nachos (Php 135.00). Since most of the food in their menu includes Porchetta, this is something new for me and I really love the combination of Porchetta and the cheese sauce.

Poutine. One of my favorites!who wouldn't love these fries with cheesy sauce and meaty toppings on it. Perfect for the whole barkada.

Porchetta Tacos (Php 185.00). For a Taco, this is really filling.If you love spicy food then you might want to put some of their special sauce to spice things up.

Maple Sundried Citrus Chix (Php 185.00). This is oozing with flavor as well, I love how they tried a different bread for this sandwich because we are so used to those kinds of sandwich breads we order at food joints, this one is different. This is called Ciabatta Bread.

Braised Pulled Beef (Php 185.00). Another delicious sandwich with beef strips, this is actually more flavorful and more filling that other beef sandwich I've tried in the past.

Porchetta Sandwich (Php 185.00) Another favorite! Pork roasted in perfection in the oven poured with Karnitas Korner’s very own salsa topped with crispy pork bits in ciabatta bread. The porchetta was seasoned with herbs and spices to make it more flavorful and mind you, you will definitely not get over the taste.

Porchetta Rice (Php 185.00) This one is mouth watering and for me can even be shared since it really has a big serving especially with the generous amount of pork loin on top of that steamy rice with egg and coleslaw, this one is perfect. For 185, this is very affordable.

Time for dessert! Chocolate Chip Cookie with Milk. This one is something cute and unique. Reminds me of my childhood days when I dunk my favorite cookie to an ice cold milk or hot milk. Still works for me now. 

For drinks,you can choose from House Blend Ice Tea, Dalandan or Green Tea Lychee.

So, how did they came up with the name?
Carnitas means small pieces of meat. It refers to the sliced porchetta cut into small pieces and added to different dishes like Porchetta Tacos, Porchetta Carbonara and Porchetta Nachos.

The initial concept for Karnitas Korner is to be a gourmet sandwich joint but since Filipinos love to eat rice, they also offered rice dishes and other specials. To make it more Filipino, “carnitas”  is changed to “karnitas”, adding to the Italian and Mexican flavors of its dishes. 

Karnitas Korner is a place for those who want to be away from the usual crowded and noisy restaurant belts and try new cuisine. This is also where anything can be celebrated.

The people behind Karnitas Korner believe that ANY day and ANY thing is worth celebrating. It may be graduation, promotion, getting over an ex, seeing your barkada after a tiring week, finding 100 pesos in a newly washed jeans or even a moved deadline.
ANYthing in ANYday that makes one happy is a celebration- and why not celebrate it with a porchetta?

This is the very idea for Karnitas Korner’s 1stANYversary for their Grand Opening, as they invite everyone to celebrate everyday victories, simple miracles or little joys.

#ANYversary Promo
The #ANYversary Promo began in February 2015 before KarnitasKorner opened its doors last March 12.

Take a photo of your #ANYversary and upload on your Facebook or Instagram accounts
Tell us about your #ANYversary with the hashtags #ANYversary and #KarnitasKorner
Tag at least four friends and get a chance to win 20% discount vouchers and free meal at the Korner

Promo is extended up to June 30, 2015.

Thank you Karnitas Korner for inviting us! We super enjoyed all the food and the ambiance!
Opens: Monday-Sunday from11AM-2PM | 6PM-10PM
24-A Philam Road,
Bo. Kapitolyo Pasig City
Tel #: 696-4559
Instagram: @karnitaskorner

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