Your Place or Mine Now Showing in Cinemas Nationwide

10:17:00 PM

From the same producer who gave you the blockbuster hits “Diary ngPanget” and “Talk Back and You’reDead” comes another popular Wattpad story that will soon invade the big screen— YOUR PLACE OR MINE? Starring Andre Paras, Bret Jackson and VIVA PrincessAndiEigenmann, the movie is based on the best-selling novel of the same title by Turning Japanese and is ably directed by award-winning Joel Lamangan.YOUR PLACE OR MINE?now showing in cinemas nationwide.

It casts Andi as 19-year-old BS Psychology student Haley Saavedra, who gets drunk in a bar and sleeps with a stranger, Clay Russell Sandoval (played by Bret), in the latter’s posh condo unit.Haley’s family owns the Saavedra Group of Companies.Clay Russell is a soccer player who shares the same school with Haley. A campus head-turner, he is a scion of a rich family.They unexpectedly bump into each other in school days after that one-night stand and the meeting leaves them wanting for  more.

By some stroke of fate, Haley’s dad, whose business is down in debt, arranges for his daughters fixed marriage.Though reluctant, Haley’s love for her father prevails and so, she agrees to be engaged.Haley is relieved to learn in a supposed “family business meeting” that the fiancé she’s about to meet is Russell.Their engagement gives way for them to know more about each other. It also gives them the chance to do the thing they’ve wanted to do before.

But as the story goes, shocking revelations start to unfold.Russell’s older brother, Ralph, unexpectedly comes into the picture with Russell’s bitter ex-flame Camille (Ashley Rivera).Camille reveals that Ralph was supposed to be Haley’s fiancé and that Russell knew all about the “fixed marriage” even before their meeting.Upon knowing this, Haley confronts Russell and walks out on him.The family then decides that Ralph should marry Haley instead of Russell.Haley pours out her disappointments to close friend Seth (Andre), who is secretly in love with her.Unknown to Haley, Seth talks to Russell and tells him how much Haley loves him.At the day of the wedding, Haley walks into church with Ralph and Russell waiting by the altar.

Love triumphs in the end as Haley’s mom, Amanda (Jackie Lou) decides to give Haley’s hand in marriage to Russell instead of Ralph.Haley and Russell are happily wed until the former learns about Russell’s first love, Kirsten.Will Russell's past break their marriage or will Kirsten serve as a challenge to make their love stronger?

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