Andrea Torres Celebrates 25th Birthday with Bigger Blessings

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Andrea Elizabeth Torres also known as Andrea Torres celebrated her 25th birthday last May 4 but she held a memorable birthday event with Special Kids at Brgy. Bagong Pag Asa, Quezon City. According to Andrea, these special kids hold a place in her heart since her brother is also one which is why she always wants to spend time with them.

Andrea shared having grown up with a brother who is a special child, she believes that her younger brother is her “lucky charm” because she always receives good news on his birthday. Andrea feels blessed right now and in return she wants to give back everything especially to her beloved brother.She added that having a brother like him made their family even more bonded because hand in hand, they help one another to take care of him. 

Andrea spent bonding moments with the kids during her birthday celebration and was able to send a message to the parents of the kids as well. She told them that she salutes all of them because having a special child takes a lot of courage,patience and a lot of loving. Through all of their life, they would be needing full support and love. She also added that at this time and age, she really hates those people who still pokes jokes at special children. This is a serious and not a laughing matter.

During her birthday celebration, Andrea shared blessings to everyone present. There were fun games, amazing gifts and delicious foods and Andrea took the time in spreading all of her blessings to each one of them, even taking pictures and talking to the parents as well.

Andrea was also given a certificate from the Barangay in recognition of her charity work for the special kids.

This is actually true since she is now considered as an international star, she is working on a mini tv series "Blood in Dispute" which is shot at Cambodia and is being directed by a Canadian director. She is with Mikael Daez in this project. This is a collaboration project between GMA Network and CTN o Cambodia Television Network.

During our interview with Andrea,she shared how excited he is with this project and that working with a Canadian director and with some Cambodians gave her a challenging experience since it's a big role for her. Both Mikael and her needed to adjust because how they shot is totally different with how we do it here in Manila. `About other projects, right now she is busy with Blood in Dispute and she was recently on the cover of FHM Magazine.
Andrea looks really fit right now which made us ask about her diet. She said that she makes it a point to go to the gym and eat healthy foods. In terms of accpeting mature and sexy roles, she said that she doesn't mind for as long as the project has substance. 

Catch Andrea Torres on Bubble Gang and Sunday All Stars.

Her wish is continues projects and more level up roles plus more blessings for her so that she can invest more for her family. Andrea said she recently bought a new car (Van). She wishes to invest on a business once she save up more money in the future.

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