Binhi: Now Showing in Cinemas Nationwide!

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Over the past couple of weeks,netizens have expressed curiosity over a little girl seen on a billboard along EDSA. Celebrities, including MaxeneMagalona, Victor Basa, Bubbles Paraiso and KC Montero, posted a photo of the billboard on their social media accounts. Many speculated that it's a prelude to a marketing campaign. Now, the mystery is unlocked.

Turns out, it's an unbranded teaser of the horror film "Binhi".

Feel a different kind of heat this summer as Binhi(The Seed) is set to premiere on May 21 in all theaters nationwide. Here are top five reasons why watching Binhi will give you the creep you need this summer:

1) Hot indie princess
Striking Filipina features. Topnotch acting prowess.International and local recognitions. You name it. She’s got it all. If you miss seeing her on the big screen, then mark your calendar for Binhi as award-winning indie actress Mercedes Cabral lights up the screen once again. Cabral is best known for her role in the indie movie "Ligo Na U, Lapit Na Me," where she was  nominated for Best Actress by the Golden Screen Awards in 2012. She also starred in Cannes Best Director Brillante Ma. Mendoza’s film "Serbis,” her first indie movie.

2) Equally-hot male counterpart
You don’t always get to see two widely acclaimed indie film stars in one horror movie. Joem Bascon stars opposite Cabral in the film and will give viewers just the right amount of thrill and fear in one. Bascon is best known for his controversial film “Lihis” where he played opposite actor Jake Cuenca.

3) Direk Pedring Lopez
Yes. He sure is one of the reasons why this film is a must-watch. An industry-renowned director, DirekPedring takes Binhi a notch higher by creating the perfect mix of thrill, suspense, and mystery in one.

DirekPedring shares how the Binhi team decided not to use visual effects. “We’ve really tried doing everything in-camera meaning 90% of what people will see was done during the shoot.”

Choosing the perfect casts was also crucial for him. He opted to get actors that he thought were right for the part. Swearing by movies that give audience real chills, he concludes, “I’m really a fan of movies that give you chills, movies that keeps you on the edge of your seat. I think we achieved this in Binhi. If you like horror films and this film will surely give you the fright of your life.”

4) Real-life horror
What makes a horror film believable? It’s the real-life elements that come with it. The location, the props, and the entire set have to weave perfectly together. Shot in a real-life haunted house in Baguio, Binhi is sure to make you race with your heart beat as even the actors and the directors had firsthand horror experiences while shooting.

5) Best production crew
Binhi is distributed by Viva Films and produced by We Love Post, MFT Group’s front line creative shop that specializes in production and post production, and Haunted Tower Pictures, a production house uplifting Philippines horror stories so rest assured that your bucks will be worth it. No doubt.

So, what are you waiting for? No need to wait for the Halloween season to get scared and be enveloped with thrill and fear. Let Binhi give you the perfect horror film this summer.

Watch the trailer here:

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  1. I hope you watched the movie. Personally, the movie failed to deliver on screen. The "chills" and the "scare" felt when watching the film was non existent. Yes mercedes cabral and Joem bascon were believable in their own respective roles but the film itself has huge holes in its story line. same old crappy Pinoy horror film. not even scary at all