Calayan Surgicentre Celebrates 20 Years & Launches Calayan Secrets

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Calayan Surgicentre has been bringing the latest medical techniques and top-of-the-line equipment to clients, comprising of top celebrities. Anchored on the expertise of founders Manny and Pie Calayan and their commitment to improve patient’s well-being
 for 20 years now. 

The celebrated doctor- to-the-stars, Dr. Manny and Dra. Pie Calayan, took the time to celebrate their twenty  years of success, helping women and men become even more beautiful – inside and out- by sharing something exclusive with close media friends in an atmosphere that’s casual, light yet fun.

Founders and owners of the prestigious CALAYAN SURGICENTRE- Dr. Manny and Pie Calayan have long recognized the need of Filipino men and women to have a truly clear, fair, soft and smooth unblemished complexion despite being exposed to a humid, tropical climate and polluted environment which tend to cause skin problems, which, unless checked, may worsen. Both have thus decided it’s time to share their best kept secret: a simple regimen that with continued use can really give the desired result.

During the PressCon, Dr. Manny and Pie together with their successor: Andrea and Bernice who is also very much coordinated with how their business works and also works as a regular employee in their business.  

So how did Calayan Surgicentre made it to the top? Dr. Manny grew up from the family of doctors while Dr. Pie was raised in circle of lawyers. He was trained at the Ploenchit Hi-Tech laser Center for Laser surgery in Bangkok, Thailand and Attended Several Conventions and Workshops in USA and other Countries. Besides his many trainings internationally, he specializes in Cosmetic surgery and does nose lift, eye bags removal, dermal fillers for laugh lines, cheeks or chin augmentation, deep wrinkle treatment, deep-setting of the upper eyelids, facelifts, breast enlargement and liposuction using the Rotatory Powerlipo and Smartlipo Machine for small areas. Their upgraded clinic has a new equipment called RESURFACE Treatment System, another breakthrough in the field of cosmetic dermatology. Because of rapidly growing clientele, they acquired a Liposuction machine to provide body sculpting services. Dra. Pie, on the other hand, was trained in the Philippines and a Licensed Aesthetician in Los Angeles California ,USA. Like her husband, Dr. Pie specializes in skin, hair and nails treatments and skin care.

Even though the two cosmetic specialists are evidently successful, their clients can easily recognize their being down-to-earth. Still, their personal touch and perfection of craft make them a truly dynamic duo. For the dermatologist team, beauty should not just be a commodity but a privilege.  That philosophy earned them trust of both ordinary and famous clienteles. Despite their busy schedule they are model parents to their children. They were given the Parangal sa Magulang Award in 1996. Dr. Pie received Gintong Ina Award and Celebrity Mother Award in 1999. Manny also received the Ulirang Ama in 2004. 

This year, on their 20th year, the unparalleled authority in beauty reveals CALAYAN SECRETS. Common skin problems like uneven or blotchy, or dull, dry or rough textured skin have been the cause  of shame, misery and lack of confidence among many youths and adults alike. Just as skin types are different, so should it be when it comes to one’s choice of soap. Imagine the frustration of many who believed in the hype that failed to yield the results desired. By now, consumers have wizened up, realistic too, that not all soaps can provide one’s skin with the silky, smooth, soft-to-the-touch suppleness, nor can it really make one’s skin whiter like this or that with a celebrity. Aside from the beauty soap, they also have sunblock and deodorant. 

Bernice and Andrea Calayan talks about Calayan Secrets

“Hope is now here”, says the iconic couple. CALAYAN SECRETS is a specially formulated skin whitening body beauty bar that is gentle to use daily on the skin- the face, and on the whole body actually. Because CALAYAN SECRETS SKIN WHITENINGBODY BEAUTY BAR’s main ingredients contain only the finest grade of Glutathione, Kojic Acid, Vitamin C to help draw out the result your desire..Your true beauty.”

“As we often say, the skin is a person’s best asset,” says Dr. Manny and Dra. Pie Calayan, adding, “The secret to achieving clear, smooth and fairer skin- starting with the face and down to the tips and soles of the feet- is now revealed for every man and woman to uncover…with every use of CALAYAN SECRETS SKIN WHITENING BODY BEAUTY BAR.”

Now available in all Mercury Drugstores nearest you.

Calayan Surgicentre Branches:
Timog Avenue Corner Scout Santiago Street, Quezon City
(02) 376 5576

Dela Rosa Corner Amorsolo Streets Legaspi Village, Makati
(02) 751 2524

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