Floyd Mayweather Wins Over Manny Pacquiao via Unanimous Decision

3:15:00 AM

Floyd Mayweather celebrates the unanimous decision victory over Manny Pacquiao. 
Photograph byHarry How

In the biggest event boxing has staged in years, Floyd Mayweather defeated Manny Pacquiao by unanimous decision after 12 rounds to improve his professional record to 48-0 and unify the world welterweight titles.

Floyd Mayweather defeats Manny Pacquiao by Unanimous Decision (116-112 x 2, 118-110)

After the fight, it was disclosed that Pacquiao injured his right shoulder in training and that Nevada boxing commissioners denied his request to take an anti-inflammatory shot in his dressing room before the fight. Pacquiao chased Mayweather around the ring most of the fight. But he was never able to land a sustained volume of punches, as Mayweather worked his defense. 

"I thought I won the fight. He didn't do nothing except move outside," Pacquiao said. "I got him many times."

Even though Manny didn't win, his supporters are still behind his back. 

We Filipinos all over the world are proud of you Manny Pacquiao! 

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