Labor Day at NUVALI: Open Air Cinemaone 2015

6:49:00 PM

Last May 1, Labor Day, NUVALI, in partnership with Cinema One, brought the NUVALI Night Sky Cinema, an entertaining outdoor film-viewing event that gathers friends and loved ones to an open-air, festival-like movie experience unlike no other.

 Jason Dy
Moonstar 88

We Listened to live music acts, from the likes of Up Dharma Down and other popular local artists such as: Jason Dy and Kai Honassan of the The Voice, Moonstar 88 and The Ransom Collective. Join, too, in other fun activities such as kite flying, and giant playgrounds, food trucks, and so on.

This time around, the NUVALI Night Sky Cinema offered three brand-new selections from both the local and international scene, designed to celebrate love, life, and everything in between.

Leading the three movies is the highly successful That Thing Called Tadhana, the hugot-filled film responsible for reviving Sagada sabbaticals and the Whitney Houston hit, “Where Do Broken Hearts Go?”

The Cinema One Originals film, starring Angelica Panganiban and JM de Guzman, and directed by Antoinette Jadaone, is the down-to-earth story of Mace Castillo and Anthony Lagdameo, two people in the wake of their respective breakups, their spontaneous journey north to Baguio and Sagada, and their conversations and insights on life and love along the way.

Following this is the comedy-drama-musicalBegin Again, starring Mark Ruffalo and Keira Knightley, and directed by John Carney of Once fame.

The film, which received an Academy Award nomination for Best Original Song (Lost Stars), follows Gretta James, a songwriter, and Dan Mulligan, a record label executive, whose lives become intertwined through their common passion for music, their collaboration blooming into a renewed love for music and life. Concerts and recording sessions are set in different rooftops, basements and alleyways around New York City, which provide a warm backdrop to the music produced by the duo.

Last but not least among the three is the Siege Ledesma-helmed Shift, another Cinema One Originals film, which explores thoughts on friendship, gender, and love.

The film, starring YengConstantino and Felix Roco, tells the tale of Estela, a call center agent whose relationship with her co-worker Trevor, becomes a complicated mass of emotions when she finds out he, the object of her affections, turns out to be gay. Amidst the confusion is a story of youth and its struggles: decisions, career, relationships, anxieties, and so on.

Free mats for everyone to use while they enjoy watching the concert and movies!

The NUVALI Night Sky Cinema, first launched in 2013, is an outdoor screening event that highlights NUVALI’s vision of bringing people together, in wide spaces and under the open sky,for fun activities that are best enjoyed within and around nature.

It was indeed a fun filled event hosted by no less than John "Sweet" Lapus and Kit Kat. There were fun games and raffles. Other than that, there were kite flying, booths for freebies and a lot of food booths to choose from. We super enjoyed the event!

For more details, visit theNUVALIofficial website ( and the NUVALI pages on Facebook, Twitter (@NUVALIOfficial), and Instagram (@nuvaliph).

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  1. Wow. Great post! This means that there are so many things to do in Laguna, Philippines. So many adventures to enjoy.