Leann's Tea House: More than just a Korean Tea House

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Through the years we have seen Korean visiting the Philippines and we got used to seeing them everywhere especially in our tourist spots aside from studying here to learn how to speak English. But they have influences us Filipino is so many positive ways like KPOP, Koreanovelas and their love for food as well. Nowadays, you can find Korean restaurants everywhere and it's best to try one every now and then.

I enjoy Korean food as much as I enjoy Japanese food but it is rare that I am truly satisfied after dining at a Korean Resto just like at Leann's Tea House.

Leann's Tea House is a Korean restaurant run by a family of food connoisseurs, it all started when one of the daughters of the Chua family, Jaclyn married Youngbae Park. Not long after they were married, the Chua family visited Korea and tasted the amazing flavors Korea had to offer. They were amazed as the food served was not only delicious but also healthy. 

They also got to taste the different types of Teas in Korea that are not typically found locally. This is when they got the idea of opening up a Korean restaurant/Tea House in the Philippines. As they were thinking of the concept of opening a restaurant/tea house, Jaclyn Park got pregnant and gave birth to Leann Park, the first baby in both the Chua and the Park family. Both families were overjoyed and decided to name their restaurant/tea house after Leann. 

They opened their restaurant on April 5, 2014, they developed their menu based on the Parks' treasured family recipes. Their goal is to serve Korean food and Teas to locals at an affordable price but with great quality.

Once you entered their resto, you can head on to their second floor where you will be greeted with this really relaxing ambiance. I'm impressed with the interior since it really feels like I'm dining at a Korean Restaurant plus most of the diners here as well are Korean who live near the area aside from the employees working at the offices near Mother Ignacia. 

Now, let's check out their food:

For Php 120.00, you get this really refreshing Mango shake. Perfect for the summer season!

For appetizers, this is what they serve. This is available for ala carte .
I always go for Japchae.

Tonkatsu Kimbap (Php250.00) Classic rice roll wrapped in breaded pork which is one of my favorite! I love the sauce as well. This is something new for me because it was my first time to try rice roll in wrapped in breaded pork, very delicious.

Bibimbap (Php210.00) This is definitely good for sharing and is served in a hot stone pot. 
I love eating rice and if you are a rice lover as well this is the dish for you. Don't forget to put the sauce so that the taste will be well blended and even more delicious!

Galbi Jjim Korean Beef Stew (Small-P400, Large-P600) This one is something you really need to try because it will not disappoint you. The beef is tender paired up with the sweet and savory stew and vegetables, the combination is really good.

L.A Galbi (P420)- This one is barbecued beef short ribs, this is quite good, tender and tasty but not for big group since I think he serving is good for me only but if you're now a pork person, you can definitely share this with your companions. 

Omurice (Php180.00) Another super favorite! This is very affordable with big servings definitely good for sharing. Delicious and filling too. I recommend for you to try it.

Kimchi Bokkeumbap (Php180.00) This is Kimchi rice, I'm not really a Kimchi person but I like this one.

You should also try their Tea drinks! Green Tea, Omija Tea, Red Ginseng, Black Tea. All of them are really good, it is served in a big glass, this one on the picture was serve in a small sampler glass so that we can try all the three flavors. Tea never tasted this good!

They also serve Set Meals if you are alone and just want to try Korean Food:

For dessert they offer Melona Ice Cream!
All in all my experience at Leann's Tea House is really superb.A happy tummy experience indeed.Can't wait to come back for more with my friends or family. Hope you can visit Leann's Tea House as well.

That's me at Leann's Tea House

I also want you to experience Leann's Tea House which is why I am giving away UNLIMITED SAMGYEOPSAL/WOOSAMGYUP GOOD FOR 2!

We have a winner! Congrats to EmCel Fajardo @Hya_cel08 
Aside from the UNLIMITED SAMGYEOPSAL/WOOSAMGYUP GOOD FOR 2 prize you won, I will also include a 1000 worth of Gift certificate at Leann's Tea House! Congrats again! :-)

Leann's Tea House
105 Mother Ignacia Ave., Diliman, Quezon City
Tel Num: 411-8902

For more details:
Instagram: @leannsteahouse

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