Mr.Pizza: Korea's #1 Pizza Chain Now ON AIR at Greenbelt 3!

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I am a certified pizza lover and I always love trying out something new when it comes to food which is why I got really excited to try out Mr. Pizza which is actually Korea's #1 pizza chain with outlets in China and in the US. 

Mr. Pizza opened its first store in the Philippines last May 15 which is located at Greenbelt 3,  Ayala Center, Makati City. Mr. Pizza Philippines is its 505th store worldwide. This pizza chain popular for its unique flavors and crusts offers lots of delectable experiences for the Filipino taste where pizza is served in different ways and Filipinos are also known to be adventurous, willing to try something new each day. This is a joyous news to all the pizza lovers out there including me.

Mr. Pizza abides by the 300% principle:  100% Hand-Kneaded, 100% Full-Hearted Topping, and 100% Grill-Baked. Based from experience, this is actually true.You can even see how they prepare your order. It is served fresh and hot for you to enjoy! Plus you will also notice the ON AIR sign at the kitchen area, they will usually say this all together like a greeting as well.

“We take pride in being able to provide Filipinos the opportunity to experience Korea’s best-tasting pizza. It is definitely something to look forward to,” says Tony Son, Mr. Pizza Korea’s Director for Global Division.

Among others, Mr. Pizza credits its success to its unflinching commitment to cleanliness, kitchen sanitation, store ambiance/atmosphere, ingredients, and customer service. 

The place offers a spacious area and I love the high ceiling together with the Korean vibe they want to share to their customers. They are airing KPOP videos on the big screen above. They also have a second floor just in case the place gets jam packed.

For the drinks, they offer Citron Ade, Hallabong Ade & Aloe Ade. My favorite is the Hallabong Ade which is sweet and a taste of Korean Tangerine. 

For side dish they offer Mozarella sticks Php 230. 00 (4pcs.)

Ms. Chicken (sweet) is Php 230.00 for 8 pcs. and Mr. Chicken (hot and spicy) 
Php 230.00 8 pcs. as well. 

They also offer different premium pasta that suits your palate
 Seafood real tomato pasta Php 330.00 A wide variety of fresh seafood including shrimp, calamari and scallops served with flavorful real tomato sauce.
Crab Carbonara Php 330.00 Crab meat, shrimp and bacon covered in rich & creamy carbonara sauce.

The Pizza
Secret Garden - Tender chicken strips and fresh vegetables with white sauce

Bulgogi - Loaded with Korean style Bulgogi charcoal grilled beef
Macho Grande with Mocha Bun - a wonderful combination of round steak toppings and cream cheese with stuffed mocha bun crust

Potato Gold - This is Mr.Pizza's best seller with a mix of buttery potatoes and 
savory bacon

Mr.Pizza Combo - Signature blend of pizza of fresh 9 toppings including pepperoni, 
bacon and mushrooms

You can make your pizza even more flavorful and exciting with 
Mr.Pizza's choose your crust!

Original - the standard pizza crust with garlic dip
Cheddarella (P100) - crust with cheddar and mozarella
Gold (P100) - Potato filling crust
Cream Cheese (P200) - cream cheese filling crust
Mocha Bun (P100) - the edge taste like mocha buns or coffee buns with cream cheese
Egg Tart (P100) - the edge of the pizza with custard 
Cheese Cap (P200) -filled with cheese mousse (coming soon!)

When it comes to variety, Mr. Pizza can rightfully claim that it's the only brand, which offers very unique flavors. 

“There is nothing in the market that is similar to our top-of-the-line pizzas - Eggta, Seafood Island, Potato Gold, GesalMontand, Macho Grande, and Secret Garden,” prides Mr. Son.

During the grand opening, we were able to witness the Dream Team staright from Korea perform how they toss the dough with different tricks and dance steps. It's truly amazing!

Watch the video here:

We truly enjoy our experience at Mr.Pizza.This is me together with my Blogger friends Nikole,Angelyn,Bedalyn, Jherwin and Jing. My top favorites are the Macho Grande with Mocha Bun, the Crab Carbonara, Mr.Pizza and their drinks. So far they don't offer deserts but maybe in the future they'll offer it as well. They're planing to expand more branches across Metro Manila within this year so watch out for it.

Ground Floor, Greenbelt 3, Level 1
Makati City

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