Para sa Hopeless Romantic in Cinemas May 13!

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A few days more before Para sa Hopeless Romantic hits the theaters and we are all excited for this movie.During the grand presscon of the movie, the main cast expressed how excited they are for this film because finally, it's going to be shown nationwide. They know the fans waited long enough for this movie. Present during the Grand Presscon is the author of the book Marcelo Santos III, Julia Barretto, Inigo Pascual, James Reid, Nadine Lustre and Direk Andoy Ranay.

So how did this best selling book became a movie?Marcelo Santos III. has more than 507,000 followers on Twitter and 145,000 on Instagram. He has at least five million likes on Facebook.He rose to became when he started sharing his stories way back in college via YouTube and since then his followers continues to grow. His famous works were“Para Sa Hopeless Romantic then “Mahal Mo Siya, Mahal Ka Ba?” and “Para Sa Broken Hearted.”

Marcelo shared where he got his inspiration on writing this book and he narrated 
that this is all based from his personal experience and some were shared by his friends too. 
He added that Love is a general topic and that everyone can relate with it just like everyone also needs advice about it. Marcelo said that after watching the trailer of the movie, he couldn't think of anyone else more perfect for the role than James, Nadine, Juli and Inigo.

Julia and Inigo have known each other since they were kids. Since Claudine Barretto whi is Julia's aunt and Piolo Pascual have worked together in the past, they also wished that both Inigo and Julia should work and now this dream have finally come true. It was much easier for Julia and Inigo to work together since they're friends. 

For now, Inigo said that their focus is their career. Both of them wanted to make a name of their own in the industry and what better way to do that is to stay focus on their craft and always give their best. Julia mentioned that Inigo is "boyfriend" material because he is very dependable, caring and always there to listen. 

Inigo on the other hand said that he feels blessed to work with Julia because he knows not everyone will get the chance to work with someone they really want to work with. Julia is very serious when it comes to work and he feels inspired when they have scenes together.

Julia Barreto will play the role of Maria who is one of the characters of the story Becca (Nadine) is writing.

Inigo Pascual plays the role of Ryan, another character part of the story Becca is writing.

James Reid and Nadine Lustre has been inseparable this past few months ever since their careers went up when they made the movie "Diary ng Panget" then "Talk Back and You're Dead". On their third movie "Para sa Hopeless Romantic" Nadine will play the role of Rebecca, the girl who loves to write lovestories with sad endings, which was caused by the sudden decision to break up by her boyfriend, Nikko, which will be portrayed by James Reid.

Although Nadine said that James and her are just really friends, she added that she treats James as her close friend since she can confide with him her problems and other things. 
 When asked about the success of their love team she added that they don't know why their love team worked but they really have this chemistry that they can't explain. 

This is her biggest break ever since she's been getting a lot of endorsements and projects lately. She started out young but this is her biggest project yet.

A lot of  things have changed in James Reid's showbiz career since the success of “Ang Diary Ng Panget.” After James’ stint on “Pinoy Big Brother: Teen Clash” in 2010, he had few TV projects until 2014 came along. Since then he's been busy doing magazine covers, endorsements and malls shows.

According to James, everything's been happening really fast and he wouldn't be where he is right now without Nadine which is why it's a teamwork. One wouldn't succeed without the other which is why they work hand in hand. He added that before, he was not really serious with having a showbiz career but now, he is really serious about his chosen craft more than ever. 

James said that although Nadine is the closest girl in her life right now, he admitted that they're just friend. They want to focus on their career more. Many look up to them because they're famous and that made them even more responsible with their actions.

Both James and Nadine admitted that they're hopeless romantics. They've experience hearth ache, their fair share of love experience but they never stop dreaming of finding that one true love that will eventually happen to them someday. 

Direk Andoy praised all the cast of this movie because even if they're all young, they took it seriously. They're working really well and can deliver as much as other veterans. With Nadine and James, he added that compared to the first time he worked with them, they are 
completely mature and more comfortable to each other even though they have a kissing scene in this movie. He added that the movies will not work if the actors were not cooperative. 

Para sa Hopeless Romantic in cinemas MAY 13!!

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