Second Chances Continues to Soar High with Ratings

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Second Chances premiered last January 12, 2015 and so far they have been making waves in their time slot which is the GMA Telebabad block. Second Chances stars Jennylyn Mercado, Raymart Santiago, Camille Prats, Rafael Rosell and Marc Abaya.

Second Chances is a story that dramatically narrates how an opportunity can change someone's life and will also provide a powerful response to viewers' demand for validation that indeed, we all deserve a second chance.

 It revolves around the lives of four people - Lyra (Jennylyn Mercado), whose life suddenly changes when a tragedy befalls her family and she loses both her husband and son in an instant; Bernard (Raymart Santiago), a single father and widower who finds the meaning of life and how to love again when he meets Lyra; Rebecca (Camille Prats), the childhood friend of Lyra, and a bipolar who became addicted to drugs as she pines for the son she lost; and Jerome (Rafael Rosell), a lawyer who has always loved Lyra even before she married her late husband. Under the helm critically acclaimed director Laurice Guillen.

We got the chance to interview the lead stars on a set visit at their location in Antipolo Rizal.
Raymart, Jennylyn and Marc were available that time. After their first team-up on “Futbolilits”, Jennyln Mercado and Raymart Santiago reunited here in Second Chances and according to Raymart and it was always to to work with Jennylyn because she is very professional. They really have a good working relationship, not only with Jennylyn but with the whole cast. 

Jennylyn Mercado has been very busy doing left and right projects. A devoted mother, even though she is busy working,she makes it a point to balance her time and spend time with her son. Last year she won Best Actress for the Blockbuster movie English Only Please and the great news is their will be a sequel to this movie so watch out for that. Aside form EOP 2, she will also be making another movie with fellow Kapuso star Ms. Carla Abellana.  Jennylyn plays the role of Dra. Lyra Bermudez, whose life suddenly changes when a tragedy befalls her family and she loses both her husband and son. Jennylyn said that she can't relate that much with her character because their personalities are so different. Right now she can't ask for more since she really feels blessed with the continuous support Second Chances is getting, she hope people will continue watching their show.

Marc Abaya is successful in whatever field he may be, whether it may be in singing since he has a band Kjwan, he is part of the band Sandwich before he formed Kjwan. He's been a VJ as well, a host and doing really good in acting too. According to Marc, he also enjoys working with all of them especially with Raymart because he learns a lot from him. He added that even though Raymart has been in the business for quite some time now, he is very humble and always guiding them on their respective parts. Marc wishes to do more challenging roles in the future and one of them is a Priest role just like Ding Dong Dantes in Pari Ko'y.
He is Dustin in Second Chances.

Raymart Santiago is one of the versatile actors of today that continuously inspires everyone who works with him to be the best that they can be. He said yes, he misses doing action movies and hopefully he can do one someday soon, he wishes to produce an action movie in the future. He was also asked how he manages to maintain his looks since he always looks fresh and young and according to him who answered the question blushing, he just lives his life with a positive outlook in life. More happiness means more positivity and it will reflect in your face. Raymart breathes life to the character of a single father and widower, Bernard Castelo. He finds the meaning of life and learns how to love again when he meets Lyra. 

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