You're Still the One: Maja Salvador talks about her role plus working with Dennis and Richard

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It's always pleasant to interview Maja Salvador. She answers straight to the point and she know how to be sincere with everything she says. This is how the saying goes,
 "walang halong showbiz."

Through the years we have seen Maja shine bright like a diamond. She has proven that not only is she an amazing performer when it comes to the dance floor, she's also a versatile actress, the princess of Prime time and an award winning actress. All of this wonderful adjective can best describe how Maja has evolved through the years and that she is one of the most bankable stars up to date, can be paired with almost anyone and the project will soar high.

According to Maja, this is one of her dream projects. To work with Dennis Trillo and Richard Yap, it's a big privilege and she learned a lot from her co-stars too. She added that both actors are amazing in their respective fields and being in the showbiz industry for quite long enough, it's a wonderful experience to finally work with Dennis Trillo whom she shared her experience. Maja said that before, she used to wish that she can have a photo op with Dennis but it never happened because the actor was so in demand those days even before, when she received this project and learned she'll be working with Dennis, her dream finally came true, not only a picture but a motion picture!

Maja also said that working with Dennis and direk Chris was both a challenge and a chance to learn more about actor-director collaboration. “At one phase of my showbiz career, I dreamed of someday working with Dennis Trillo. It was a big thrill that I will not only work with him but he will be around as my leading man for the project. When you admire an actor, naturally you have more adrenalin to tap to make the best out of this partnership. Because it doesn’t happen all the time. As for direk Chris, I have worked with him in It’s Complicated and he’s a joy to work with because of the all-out trust he gives his actors. In the beginning, you have to find out for yourself how he works and what he expects from actors. In this latest project, it is a breeze because we are more open when it comes to discussing delicate scenes. When you get that kind of trust from your director, you are, of course, inspired to go beyond what is asked of you for the sake of a good portrayal.”

The film tells the story of Elise (Maja Salvador) and Jo (Dennis Trillo), who started as young lovers who never made it relationship official. Years passed, they meet again with Elise ready for a commitment, but only to find out Jo is about to get married. Elise then starts a new relationship with another man portrayed by Yap, which breaks the heart of Jo who wants to win her heart again. According to Maja, this is a more mature role for her and she felt comfortable working with both of his leading men. Working with Richard Yap who portrays one of his leading man is also a challenge to her since they're playing a May-December affair.

 After going through a break up this year, everyone's curious if she's ready to fall in love again and Maja smiled and answered,"Yes, ready na ako ma-inlove, sa SARILI KO." then laughs. I super love Maja and I wish her all the love and luck in the world. She's hard working and a very lovable person too.

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“You’re Still the One,” which is directed by Chris Martinez, opens in cinemas on May 27.

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