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 After an immense success of Forevermore starring the breakout love team of the year Enrique Gil and Liza Soberano, it's inevitable that soon enough they will have a movie. Just the Way You Are is there upcoming movie that will generate a lot more fans since the trailer says it all plus a lot of people felt a bit sad that Forevermore has ended, now, they can still see LizQuen in a movie that will make us love them even more.

Direk Theodore Boborol directed the movie and he knows how to handle Enrique and Liza since he's also a part of the creative team of Forevermore. The film is based from the best-selling Pop Fiction book ‘‘The Bet’’ which was originally published on Wattpad by Kimberly Joy Villanueva (ilurvbooks).

The story evolves on a popular guy named Drake (Enrique Gil), who makes a bet with his best friend Andrei (Yves Flores) to make the nerdy transferee, Sophia (Liza Soberano), to fall in love with him in 30 days.

Direk Boborol made it clear that the story of Just the Way You Are is complete different from Forevermore.“What I made clear from the very start was that the movie differs a lot from the teleserye which earned a national following. Then I set out to build strong characters by way of several acting workshops for the cast. I told them that they are actually free to get inputs from their real-life encounters to make the characters look real. I like to think we succeeded in making a good story about friendship and the redeeming values of a good family life.”

So, does everyone feel pressured because they need to be surpass the success of Forevermore? According to Enrique and Liza, they feel pressured and excited at the same time, although this time around, they feel they owe their supporters for being there for them from the beginning, this serves as a gift to all of them. 

Direk Boborol added,  “The pressure is there of course, but when you are doing something different, it has to be different indeed without losing the flavor of the winning love team. I try to ignore the pressure by focusing on a good collaborative effort between me and the cast. We help each other come up with something new but real. We do our best not because of the pressure but we do believe we have something different to offer and we really hope it works.”

Enrique and Liza talks about their roles, Liza said, "I suppose my role as Sophia in this movie is bigger than life. She doesn’t like to openly communicate what she feels inside and there are layers of characterization you need to bring out from her character. It is a big challenge on my part and I hope I did justice to it.”

Enrique says his movie character has many things in common with his Alexander Grande III part but he is keen on making it distinctly different.

Paired with Enrique in Forevermore as Maria Agnes Calay, she has acquired national memory recall as the poor struggling princess of La Presa somewhere in Benguet where a little community became a tourist spot after the initial teleserye taping. Both Enrique and Liza said that they're more comfortable working with each other now since they've been working together for quite some time already. They help one another in different scenes.
Liza admits she has learned a lot from doing the teleserye and its success opened new doors for her. “I am only the other love interest of Daniel (Padilla) in Got To Believe and it is understandable why their fans don’t like me. But after Forevermore, they start to look at me in a more positive way. The new treatment for me is actually overwhelming. I could feel more love than resentment.”

The Cast:
Enrique Gil as Drake Sison/Draky
Liza Soberano as Sophia Taylor/Pie

Supporting Cast
Yayo Aguila as Tita Veronica/Tita V
Alexander Diaz as Marcus
Jon Lucas
Chienna Filomeno as Cassidy
Marco Gumabao as Skye
Myrtle Sarrosa as Bea
Yves Flores as Andrei
Sue Ramirez as Driana Sison
Erin Ocampo as Chloe
Miguel Vergara
Kyra Custodio
Anjo Damiles

Special Participation
Tonton Gutierrez as Theodore Sison
Sunshine Cruz as Cecilia Sison

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