3:36:00 AM

With wheels still hot from  winning the World Bronze Medal at the  2015 New York Festivals, MOTORCYCLE DIARIES  goes full speed  ahead this year. 

Audiences will be taken on a more action-packed ride via the travel magazine-documentary program with George Foster Peabody Awardee Jay Taruc  as the main host and rider.  Loaded with exhilarating expeditions, features of celebrity riders on roadtrips, jobs on wheels, motoring events, and other venues showing how Filipinos come together for a ride. 

The show is switching gears to becoming a virtual hub for motorbikers and enthuasiasts. As the community continues to grow in size and relevance, Motorcycle Diaries will be their source of information about motoring, travel and other stories on and off the road. 

  “MOTORCYCLE DIARIES: LIVE THE RIDE!” will be breaking in on June 25 with a brand new OBB directed by Rember Gelera. Hail it for a ride  as it airs every Thursdays 10PM on GMANEWSTV!

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