Ode to my Father Tagalized showing on June 17 exclusively at SM Cinemas

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Last June 5, Bloggers and selected members of the media attended a special screening
of Ode to my Father. This is Korea's highest grossing film of all time and I can understand why after watching the full length film. 

Ode to my Father is brought to you by SINE ASIA in partnership with Viva Entertainment.
Sine Asia makes watching Asian movies specifically this Korean movie more enjoyable because they translated the movie in Tagalog. This June, Sine Asia Film Festival will showcase Korean movies and what better to start it with a top grossing film.

The theme of Ode to my Father is family, which anyone can relate to. It's subject can make audiences laugh and cry, especially those who’ve had a hard time adjusting to a new place.
I was really impressed with how they created the film. Not only is the story really remarkable but also the film as a whole. I love the glossiness of the movie, it would make you feel that you're also at Korea and will also make you feel like you traveled in time. 

Ode to My Father follows Deok-su (HWANG Jung-min) who lived through milestones of contemporary Korean history, and fought through the hard times to support his family. To realistically portray Germany’s coal mines in the 1960s and the Vietnam War in the 1970s, the crew traveled to the Czech Republic and Thailand while securing actual equipment and cars from those time periods. 

The movie is really heart warming and perfect for the whole family. Since Father's Day is coming, this movie is a tribute to all the fathers out there who will sacrifice just about anything and do everything just to support their family and make their lives comfortable.
Deok-Su did all of these and from the time the he was a kid, his mother made him realize that at such a young age, he needs to act as the head of the family because of what happened to his father during the war.

Deok-Su went through different obstacles but never lose hope, there were a lot of touching scenes and just about when you're ready to bawl out crying, his friend who's always there for him ever since they were kids make the movie really engaging and funny. No matter where he goes, Dal-Gu (portrayed by Oh Dal-Su from Detective K: Secret of the Lost Island, Miracle in Cell No. 7) is there to support him but through the years even until Deok-Su grew old, he still can't get over that one day, his father will finally find them.

I truly recommend this movie! Ode to my Father will be shown on June 17 exclusively at SM Cinemas! Don't miss it!

Aside from Ode to my Father, Sine Asia will also feature Korean movies like Love Forecast, My Love My Bride, How to steal a Dog, The Thieves and Roaring Currents.

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