The Breakup Playlist Starring Piolo Pascual and Sarah Geronimo Official Poster & Trailer

9:53:00 PM

The much awaited movie of the year is here! I can't wait to watch this movie! Showing a day before my birthday, this is such a sweet birthday gift. Two of the hottest and most sought after actors of this generation, Piolo Pascual and Sarah Geronimo in one movie!

Star Cinema and Viva Films released the first trailer of "The Breakup Playlist," a romance-drama film that marks the first acting team-up of Sarah Geronimo and Piolo Pascual.

The two-minute clip sees Geronimo as Trixie, a law student and aspiring singer who falls in love with Gino, portrayed by Piolo Pascual, a musician looking to form a rock band.

Their relationship turns sour, however, and Trixie not only leaves the band but also Gino, who appears to have been pushing her away.

"The Breakup Playlist" will mark the second major motion picture to be helmed by Dan Villegas, who won best director in the 40th Metro Manila Film Festival for the romance-comedy "English Only, Please."

It will hit cinemas nationwide on July 1.

Watch the trailer here:

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