TPB helps preserve PH environment, culture

3:28:00 AM

The Tourism Promotions Board (TPB), led by TPB Chief Operating Officer (COO) Domingo Ramon Enerio III, encouraged its employees to participate in a series of corporate social responsibility (CSR) projects lined up to help preserve the country’s environment and cultural heritage.

Mobilizing hundreds of TPB employees, the campaign kicked off in Boracay this summer, in time for the country’s busiest tourist season. TPB employees, in cooperation with the Boracay Foundation Inc., conducted a series of beach clean-ups. As one of the country’s most popular tourist destinations, Boracay plays host to concerts, sports events, and other major summer activities which leave its shores heavily littered.

They also planted acropora coral fragments in response to the destruction of coral reefs in the island due to pollution and the influx of tourist vessels, as well as natural stresses like strong current and waves. Through this restoration project, Boracay’s corals can continue to be one of the island’s attractions and home of marine creatures.

In addition, they helped plant mangroves along Lugutan Beach on the other side of the island. Mangroves play an important role in protecting the coastlines from erosion, while also serving as nursery area for fish and other sea organisms.

Also lined up for TPB employees are visits to Camiguin and Bohol – areas which were devastated by natural calamities. In 2013, Camiguin and Tacloban were both hit by Typhoon Yolanda while Bohol met a 7.2-magnitude earthquake.

Aside from destroying lives and properties of thousands of Filipinos, these disasters also led to the destruction of many cherished historical and cultural sites in the Philippines, including the Church of Our Lady of Light in Loon, Bohol, and the Children’s Park and Sto. Niño Church in Tacloban.

“These activities show TPB’s commitment not only to promoting our many tourist destinations, but also helping preserve our country’s cultural heritage and rebuilding communities whose residents depend on tourism,” explained Enerio.

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