Buena Familia premieres this July 28 on GMA Afternoon Prime

6:30:00 AM

Another gripping drama is set to captivate the viewers of all ages as GMA Network presents the Afternoon Prime series Buena Familia, which is set to premiere this Tuesday, July 28.

Buena Familia aims to reflect every person’s struggle to provide for his or her family’s welfare and how good fortune is attained through one’s endeavor to live nobly. 

Witness stellar performances as Buena Familia pulls off an ensemble cast beginning with the reunion of the hottest love team in the 90s—Bobby Andrews and Angelu de Leon. They will give light to the characters of Arthur and Bettina. People see them as the perfect couple not until Arthur got himself involved in a pyramiding scheme which turned their affluence into a misfortune.

Very much affected with this are their four children—Celine, Darling, Edwin, and Faye—who are unaccustomed to hardships. These interesting characters will be given depth by Kapuso artists Kylie Padilla, Julie Anne San Jose, Julian Trono, and Mona Louise Rey.

Bringing their family into a deeper dilemma is Josephine, the former assistant who used to be the mistress of Arthur. Because of her hatred towards Arthur, she will plan a retribution that will lead Arthur’s family to far-reaching consequences. Portraying this challenging role is Sheryl Cruz.

Set to add more twists in the story are characters of Jake Vargas, and Martin del Rosario. Jake plays the role of Kevin, a composer who will get close to Darling as she tries her luck in the music industry. Meanwhile, portraying the role of Harry is the award-winning actor Martin. Harry is a young businessman who has an ax to grind against the family of Buena who caused him pain in the past.

Completing the cast are exceptional portrayals by Jackie Rice, Ryza Cenon, Aicelle Santos, Mayton Eugenio, Mel Kimura, Lou Sison, and Ms. Tessie Tomas.

Under the helm of Gil Tejada, Buena Familia is created by the GMA Drama Group headed by Lilybeth G. Rasonable, Senior Vice President for Entertainment TV; Redgie A. Magno, Vice President for Drama; Cheryl Ching-Sy, Assistant Vice President for Drama; Ali Nokom-Dedicatoria, Program Manager; and Arlene D. Pilapil, Executive Producer.

Buena Familia airs weekdays after The Half Sisters on GMA Afternoon Prime. 

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