Chynna Ortaleza and the band Called Lara Serena

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We're always known Chynna Ortaleza as a fine actress. A very versatile actress. She obviously have come a long way from being one of the host of 5 and Up during her childhood days and started out her showbiz career step by step. From being part of a love team then going to a solo career and landing on amazing roles and projects. She was part of the recent Kapuso Teleserye's like Dading, Second Chances and The Rich Man's Daughter.

When it comes to movies, her character and acting wise is unparalleled as well. She was part of the indie movie #Y, Hustisya and Dementia with no less than Ms. Nora Aunor. 

We very well know that she can almost do anything but when it comes to her love of art and passion for music, she wants to give herself a time to shine in this field as well and explore more since she've always wanted to give it a try. Most of her friend are into music as well and even though she admitted that she doesn't play any musical instrument, she loves to compose songs. 

Because of her passion for music, she formed a band named "Lara Serena", Lara from her real name and Serena from the Tagalog version of mermaid focusing on women. Although having a band was never her plan, she feels overwhelmed that it is actually happening right now, even more surreal that her band is playing on gigs and she's the lead performer, the experience is really something new to her and she is really enjoying it. "I have always been a music fan. Of course, being a part of a band was a fantasy," Chynna shared. "But I never thought that it would actually become my reality. It's a magical process, really. We formed the band in less than two days and in less than a week, Lara Serena was playing live in Saguijo. I am honestly overwhelmed. I can't believe this is actually happening." 

Lara Serena is composed of Chynna on vocals, Chen Pangan on lead guitars, Mat Rabena on Rhythm, Z Mendioro on Bass and KV Villorio on drums. 

How about the songs that she wrote? "The titles of the songs are Plague My Mind, Lost, and Beautiful Contradiction. Yes, I wrote all three songs," Chynna answered. "Music arrangement for all three songs by Kean Cipriano. Glaiza de Castro helped me with the initial melody for Beautiful Contradiction." 

 I totally congratulate Chynna and the rest of her band for pulling of such an amazing gig that night. The crowd was so pump up that night that even though Chynna mentioned she was a bit nervous performing that night, I believe it all disappeared. I really hope they'll release an album soon.

Chynna friends in the showbiz industry also watched her perform that night like Sheena Halili, Rich Asuncion among others. They also shared their enthusiasm for Chynna that night.

It was indeed a dream come true for Chynna to finally having this chance to perform as a band. Along side with some of the best bands in the country today. 
They'll be having more gigs in the future so do watch out for it.

Chynna message to those who watch her gig at 70s Bistro that night:
"Our first gig is etched into memory forever. It was a blur, really, but we had so much fun! Thank you to everyone who came to support Babae Power and to my loved ones, 
thank you for being there!" 

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