Xilaimen Seafood Restaurant: A feast of Seafood Dishes and More!

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Last June 19, XILAIMEN SEAFOOD RESTAURANT opened their very first branch at Robinsons Magnolia, the same owner of King Bee Chinese Restaurant. When I learned that it is also under the same management, I was thrilled to try out their dishes because honestly speaking, I really love the dishes at King Bee. Whenever I dine there, it always feels like it's a feast and the same ambiance is offered at Xilaimen Seafood Restaurant.

Xilaimen Seafood Restaurant has two private function rooms that can fit 15-20 persons and all in all, the whole restaurant can fill up to 200 people. The ambiance really feels like you're dining at one of those authentic Chinese Restaurants in China. They have round tables good for 10 people which is perfect for the family or a business meeting.

One of the best things about Xilaimen Seafood Restaurant is that you can actually be sure that what they serve to you is fresh because they have an aquarium inside where you can choose what to order. 

According to Ms. Andrea Ng, Makreting Operations Manager at Xilaimen and King Bee, both  Restaurant chain offers the same authentic Chinese food but for Xilaimen, they have more seafood dishes and new exotic dishes plus definitely more set dishes as well for big groups. I actually admire how she manages their chain of restaurants because they
really know how to run a business. 

The Food
Now, let's check out the amazing dishes they served us.

For starters, they served Jasmine Tea. It is one of my favorite tea and it never fails to soothe my tummy, preparing me for a battle of good food. Then there's the Cold Cuts Combination (Php 370.00) Tofu and three combination of meat, perfect when dipped with the three sauce that comes with it.

Next is the Mixed Seafood with Polonchay Soup (Php 290.00), I super love this one. This is perfect for the rainy season and I did have three serving of this, it is that good.

One of my favorite is the Pan Fried Prawns with Salted Egg Yolk (Php 390.00)
Just the sight of it is mouth watering yes but wait till you taste it.

The Lechon Macau (Php 300.00) is also a must-try! 

Yangchow Fried Rice (Php 200.00) is my ultimate favorite. This is actually the same serving at King Bee which is why this is my top choice too. They offer big serving with their dishes and with their Yangchow, they're very generous with the combination of egg and other ingredients that they put in it. Two-thumbs up for me!

Another favorite is the Sate Fried Crabs with Sotanghon (Php 140.00 per grams). I love the combination of Crab and the sotanghon plus they made sure that it's a bit spicy so that you'll enjoy the crab more. 

For those who loves seafoods, Xilaimen offers a wide variety of seafood dishes like the 
Lapu Lapu in Egg White (Php 180.00 per 100 grams).

Another seafood dish is their new offering and only Xilaimen Seafood Restaurant is the Elephant Shell with Brocoli flower in XO Sauce (Php 65.00 per 100 grams)

And if you want to try exotic dishes, they offer Spicy Frog legs (Php 380.00) which actually tasted like fried chicken!

For dessert you can never go wrong with Mixed Fruits platter (Php 280.00).

They also offer different fresh fruits shakes and I ordered Ripe Mango Shake
 (Php 95.00).

All in all it was indeed a happy tummy experience. Every dish on their menu is worth it and very affordable too. If you're going there in a big group I suggest you go for set meals where you can choose from 8 persons to 12 persons. That is me together with my Bloggers friends who also enjoyed the feast at Xilaimen Seafood Restaurant.

Xilaimen Seafood Restaurant
Al Fresco, Upper Ground Floor, Robinsons Magnolia
Aurora Blvd. cor Dona Hemady St. Quezon City
Tel No. 720-9725

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