Yagit Celebrated a Thanksgiving Party at Reception and Study Center for Children

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Yagit held a Thanksgiving Party last July 23 at Reception and Study Center for Children at Quezon City.It was indeed a fun party with the kids because the child stars Chlaui Malayao, Zymic Jaranilla, Judie Dela Cruz and Jemwell Ventinilla, together with Stephanie Yamut were there to spend time with the kids of RSCC. 

Yagit was directed by Gina Alajar and started last July 24, 2014 replacing Dading via GMA Afternoon Block. It aired 203 episodes all in all. Some of the cast were Yasmien Kurdi as Dolores "Dolor" Macabuhay, LJ Reyes as Florentina "Flora" Fabro Trinidad-Macabuhay,
James Blanco as Victor "JR" Guison, Renz Fernandez as SPO4 Roman Guevarra
Bettina Carlos as Izel Lorena-Guison / Maricel Ongcingco, Rich Asuncion as Odette Montecillo, Raquel Villavicencio as Doña Claudia Guison, Kevin Santos as Kardo Macabuhay
Wowie de Guzman as Chito Asuncion, Ina Feleo as Imelda Macabuhay.

The child stars of Yagit: Chlaui, Zymic, Judie, Jemwell and Stephanie all auditioned for their respective roles under the helm of Ms. Gina Alajar.

When they arrived at the center, all the kids got really excited. Tess Bomb 
hosted the fun event.

There were also games and surprises for the kids who truly showed how energetic they were while participating during the games. The stars of Yagit also got busy distributing food to each of the kid present that day. 

While they were eating, they also performed a dance number for everyone.

Thanksgiving Party will not be complete without gift giving. The kids were showered with gifts from Yagit stars and GMA Network. You can see the happy smile in their faces. 

According to Chlaui, Judie, Zymic, Jemwell and Stephanie, now that Yagit has ended, they will truly miss their Yagit family because it became their second home. They were like a big family and even though they were just starting in the showbiz industry, they really felt at home with everyone. 


Judie said that she learned a lot from her co-stars and wishes that she can still work with them again soon. As for Jemwell, he said that he will surely miss the tapings and the4 "food trip" too. All of them are still studying and since now that they will have vacant time, they would love to concentrate more on their studies and hopefully would have more projects soon. 

Chlaui & Zymic

When asked what changed in their lives after being part of Yagit, they all answered that financially, it helped them a lot to save money and since they're earning, they were able to help their family too. Jemwell added candidly that he was able to buy appliances at home and buy food that he was not able to buy before. As for Chlaui, she said at a young age, she feels happy that people recognizes her when she's out with her family. 

Thanksgiving Interview:

Yagit truly made the afternoon of every Filipino household enriched with values and
love for each their family and neighbor. The whole cast would like to thank everyone who 
supported the show from Day 1. 
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