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Yakitori Binchotan opens its first branch at Lightsite Parc along AS Mandaue Street in Cebu City.

The new restaurant is set to bring life to diners’ tables with original dishes enjoyed in Hokkaido, Japan’s culinary center.

“We aim to bring guests as close as possible to the true Yakitori experience,” said Gerry Apolinario, president and chief operating officer (CEO) of 
Gerry’s Group of Restaurants.

Gerry’s group has partnered with the original owners of Yakitori Binchotan - Chefs Yoshi Ishise, Tomio Hakada and Nori Suzuki for the new venture.

The same team is also behind the success of Ramen Sora, a noodle house, located beside Yakitori.

“You choose a noodle soup from Ramen Sora and pair them with grilled items from Yakitori Binchotan, and you have a complete Hokkaido experience,” adds Apolinario.

Yakitori Binchotan’s recipes were passed on to Chef Nori by his grandfather who used to prepare them for his family during special occasions.  

Chef Nori opened Yakitori Binchotan in Hokkaido where he grew up serving dishes using his grandfather’s secret sauce, and grilled using Binchotan, a special kind of charcoal found only in Japan that brings out the taste of the skewered delight, usually chicken.

“Binchotan packs so much heat and does not emit smoke, which allows the full flavor of the food to come out. The high heat from Binchotan helps to properly sear the meat keeping it juicy on the inside,”explains Apolinario.

Yakitori isn’t as simple as putting meat or vegetable on a stick and grilling them.

“There is so much discipline required in preparing this dish. The smell, the aroma of skewered dishes, and ultimately the taste makes all the difference,” adds Chef Nori.

Yakitori Binchotan and Ramen Sora are set to open their second branches in  Balibago, Angeles City in Pampanga on September. 

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