3LOGY: Meet the Members Jak Roberto, Abel Estanislao & Jeric Gonzales

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Nowadays, boy bands are once again very in demand. We Filipinos were a big fan of boy bands not just Internationally but locally and this is just the perfect timing for Jeric, Abel and Jak or better known as group "3LOGY". Not only are they banking on good looks but also sheer talent. They've started in the showbiz industry with good acting stints, now, they'll be exploring more of the Music industry as a group.

Since the three of them were under GMA Artist Center, they were chosen to be part of this group since the network is also scouting for talents who can sing, play a guitar and more. Most of the songs that they'll be singing are OPM songs. But before they performed as a group, they undergo vocal coaching and workshops as well. Good thing, it's easier for them to work with each other since they're all being handled under the same wing.

Then the rest is history, the group started singing for Koreanovela like“Maybe It’s You” for the drama “My Name is Kim Sam Soon” which was aired last December. How did they get the name "3LOGY?" The network listed a lot of names and they even helped suggesting for names and they chose 3LOGY instead since it was really meant for 3 guys only.

So, how did these 3 good looking guys felt when they were chosen as the official members of the group and how do they feel being compared with other boy bands? Abel explained that this was part of his long time dream, to perform and it doesn't matter whether he does it solo or in a group, this is really a dream come true for him." Jeric added that, working with Abel and Jak made it easier for him to gain his confidence performing in front of a lot of people because even though he knows that he can sing, he can be a bit nervous in front of big crowd. This goes with Jak as well. Step by step, he said, he's learning to embrace performing on stage and be more confident of his own voice.

Jak Roberto has been a mainstay of Walang Tulugan with Master Showman for years now but he also gets the chance to act in Maynila. He thanks Kuya Germs because he thought them a lot in the show like hosting, singing and even dancing.

Abel Estanislao is also part of the Kapuso teleserye's Pari Koy, The Half Sisters, Villa Quintana,Maghihintay Pa Rin and other shows Bubble Gang and Teen Gen. 
When Abel is not busy, he's very into sports like Judo, Cycling, Swimming and running

Jeric Gonzales has been part of numerous GMA teleseryes like Strawberry Lane, Pyra,
Love and Lies, Teen Gen and also part of Party Pilipinas before. He was part of Protege and eneded up winning together with Thea Tolentino. Even before during Protege, he performed well when it comes to singing.

So what will be their edge compared to the other boy bands here in the country now that GMA Network also launched the search for the next boy band via "To the Top". The group said that they're here to make the people enjoy OPM more, they're planning to revive some of the best OPM songs and not only that, they feel that they can offer a lot more, not just with good looks but with their voice that is more harmonized and with blending. They can also assure the viewers that they can sing live on every shows that they perform so that they can prove that they really have a talent.

For girls out there who are curious if they have a girl friend, good news!
They're all single! So, we hope to see more of 3LOGY in the coming days, and we're all wishing that they'll release an album soon.

3logy also sung 'Pwede Ba?' composed and published by Mikoy Morales for GMA's new Korean drama, 'Pinocchio' that started last July 1, which airs every 10:00 pm on the Heart of Asia, GMA.  Check out the music video below:

Pwede Ba Acoustic Version

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