Barbie Forteza Celebrated her 18th Birthday at Philippine Children's Medical Center

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Barbie Forteza is one of the brightest stars that we've come to love not only because we truly love her character in The Half Sisters but also because she's one fine actress that will truly gain more recognition in the coming years. She has already proven that she's indeed a versatile actress and has grown up from her past tweetum roles especially now that she is celebrating her 18th birthday.

But this year, even though Barbie is celebrating the most special year in her life, her 18th birthday, instead of doing a lavish birthday party, she opted to celebrate it with the kids at Philippine Children's Medical Center (PCMC) located in Quezon City. In fact, almost every year, she make it a point to celebrate her birthday with them because according to Barbie, she has grown to love them, she really loves being with kids and it's also her way of giving back all the blessings that she's been getting for the past years.

Barbie is also made her birthday even more special and remarkable by taking part in the "Adopt A Room" program of PCMC which enables individuals to choose and adopt a private room that they want to renovate and convert into a special private room. Once renovated and occupied, the proceeds of the room will go to the charity ward. 

Barbie mentioned that this is the best gift that she can offer for the kids. She can't even describe what she feels that day when she finally saw the outcome of the private room because before they started the project, they planned with the architect what would be the theme of the said room and Barbie said that she wanted it to be a room filled with happiness.

Check out how cute the room is!
Barbie said that she wanted color Blue because it refreshes the mind and it's a feel good color as well. They wanted to put a starry or night sky paint on the ceiling but since it's not possible because it's required in every hospital room to have a well lighted room, they opted for decors instead.

Philippine Children's Medical Center truly appreciated Barbie's efforts and thanked her for being really active in supporting the kids for the past four years now. Barbie said the she plans to continue doing charity work at PCMC.

After the ribbon cutting of Barbie's Adopt A Room, Barbie also prepared a fun program for the kids. But before that, there was an 18 roses for Barbie and the kids, one by one were able to gave her a rose and dance with her as well. It was a heart warming scene.

Barbie's birthday will not be complete without surprise guests, Thea Tolentino and Krystal Reyes joined her in celebrating her birthday. Barbie considered them as two of her closest friends in the showbiz industry ad she feels really happy that they were present that day.

Barbie's 18th birthday will not be complete without fun games and sharing gifts to the kids who were present at her special day. Barbie's partners in making her dreams come to life include her generous sponsors BNY, Unisilver Time, Posh Nails, Flawless, Fruitas, Belladona Bags, Boysen Paint, Happy Haus Donuts, Pizza Pedricos, Kettle Korn, JC Catering, Cris-Carl stuffed toys, Megasoft diapers, Muebles De Cristina  Furniture, Fernardo's Bakeshop, Aquabest, Chocovron, Ritz Biscuits, Jao Ming Glutathione, RPKreative, Dove and Fresh Look Contact lenses. 

Barbie's wish for her 18th birthday couldn't get any more simple, to be more healthy and have continous prjects so that she can continue helping out others who are in need plus she also said "love life". 

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