Be smart in choosing the right socks for your kids, Use Burlington!

6:32:00 PM

This school year, spare your kids’ feetfrom being a stink bomb by choosing the right kind of socks.

Compared with adults, kids are more prone to foot odor because their feet are in shoes and socks everyday while in school. They use up their energy in playing and indulging to different kinds of physical activities, making their feet sweat and stink more. 

Basically, it is the sweat that triggers the stench of stinky feet. The bacteria on your kid’s skin and shoes eat the sweat, producing an acidic byproduct that stinks. But this can be avoided by opting for the right socks made of right materials.

There are various kinds of socks in the market today designed for specific foot care needs, but there is one created specifically to provide antibacterial protection and to control odor – the Best Burlington Ever!

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