Healing Hearts Set Visit: Kristoffer Martin & Joyce Ching

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Fans were thrilled to finally watch Kristoffer Martin and Joyce Ching back on a project once again and the chemistry is still there. They've been in a relationship in the past for 3 years and they are good friends now.Both of them mentioned that it was easier for them to work since they are very comfortable with each other without even thinking that they've been in a relationship in the past. But, just to clarify the rumors, are they back in each others arms?

Both Kristoffer and Joyce said that they're enjoying what they have right now. They're very good friends, they go out sometimes, also with friends and they treasure the moments that they have. Nothing changed, they just made it sure that they have one another if ever one of them needs support or anything else. 

Looking at Kristoffer and Joyce right now, I think they're really just enjoying each others presence and whatever they have right now, it must be something really special and worth the wait. 

In Healing Hearts, Kristoffer Martin plays the role of Jay Samonte while Joyce Ching played the role of Liza Alvar. Kristoffer said this is a fresh role for him since he always portray poor roles. As for Joyce, she's used to challenging roles as well, both of them mentioned that all they have to do is focus on characterization and be more professional in everything they do.

Kristoffer and Joyce were also glad that they were able to work with Krystal Reyes, according to Joyce, she's a brilliant actress and she loves working with her. In fact, since Krystal is playing a kontrabida role here, during the slapping scenes, Joyce would ask Krystal to slap her for real. "Sinasabi ko sa kanya na sampalin mo na ako ok lang yan". Ahe added that Krystal is very effective when it comes to being kontrabida. 

Both Kristoffer and Joyce felt thankful that even though they got separated, their fans are still there to support them especially with Healing Hearts. Even during the Bloggers Styling Camp where they also won during the culminating night, the outburst of support for #KrisJoy is continuous and they feel blessed that they're still for them, in return, they always give them updates via social media sites so that they'll be updated with whatever project they currently have.

Did something change with the both of them, acting wise after working with each other since their last project was years ago already. Joyce said that Kristoffer has grown more mature and she can totally depend on him especially on heavy episodes while Kristoffer said that he admires how professional Joyce is. Since day 1, she's been going to work on time, reviewing the scripts and doing her roles the best way she can.

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There'll be a lot more episodes to watch out for so don't miss Healing Hearts after 
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