Mike Tan Joins Aquathlon & Shares How He Maintains his Toned Physique

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Mike Tan has come a long way after being the Starstruck Ultimate Male Survivor Batch 2. 
He's been part of numerous teleserye via GMA Network and has already proven that he's a versatile actor. His recent projects were Kambal Sirena, Dading, Pari Koy, Alamat: Juan Tamad and The Rich Man's Daughter.

On The Rich Man's Daughter, Mike played a closet gay named Paul Tanchingco which is the sister of Rhian Ramos' character in the said soap. 

For now, Mike got back into his first love which is swimming. According to Mike, it's been years since he's been this active with his favorite sport since he used to swim in his college days. He recently joined Aquathlon. The sport of aquathlon consists of a continuous, two-stage race involving swimming followed by running. 

Mike said that this is the first time that he will take part in a competition like this and he was really excited and nervous at the same time. 

Looking at Mike right now, he looks really fresh, toned and really healthy. He said that maintaining his built right now takes a lot of discipline since he is currently on a diet as well, he is on a diet plan meals plus he gets to swim too and works out almost twice every week. For him, he added that he just wants a lean body, not that muscular since he doesn't want to have that big built too.  He is keen on making his body healthy and sexy since he is also endorsing an intimate apparel for Boardwalk. He is also very particular on taking care of his skin as well. 

Mike also shared how his relationship with his non-showbiz girlfriend lasted for 9 years now. The key is "trust". It was his choice to keep silent about their relationship and not to talk about it that much since he doesn't want her to be involve with any showbiz related news. Mike said that she is very supportive with his career and she's even his best critic when it comes to acting. He added that she have watch his projects when he portrays gay roles and she doesn't mind, this is one of the challenging roles that at one point of an actor's life should be portrayed. 

Mike said he wants to portray an psycho someday, this is indeed a very challenging role and he wants to try it. He believes that it's just perfect that he is build up on his own even without a love team, before he  was paired with different actress as well, with Ryza Cenon and LJ Reyes as well. Now, he's happy that he can stand on his own and can be paired with anyone without worrying about a love team. Mike will have an upcoming teleserye soon so do watch out for that.

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