Read, Sip and Dine at Book and Borders Cafe

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Being a Blogger gives me the perks of being invited to restaurant grand openings of private functions wherein we can review the food and its goodness. But long before I was a Blogger, I write on my diary about some of the best experiences that I had especially when I am trying out something new and one of my favorite hobby is to try different dishes, delicacies, pastries and more. Thus this mean that I am a certified FOODIE?maybe I am but I want to call myself FOODIELICIOUS! Since I always make it a point that every food stop I make will end up really good and a delicious adventure.

And since I'm really into coffee and pastries, let me share with you another great find 
at the heart of Quezon City.

If you love reading books while enjoying a cup of coffee like me, this place will surely melt your heart. It's one of my favorite past times especially when I needed a break from all the hustle and bustle of city life. Book and Borders Cafe will surely be one of the famous 
hangouts in the metro. 

Love reading books while sipping your favorite coffee? then Book and Borders Cafe is surely the perfect place for you. Aside from the books that they offer, they also have WIFI which is a necessity for most of us, electric socket for those running out of battery of needs to plugtheir Laptops and that cozy and warm ambiance that they offer that nowadays are hard to find if we're talking about "Coffee Shops". 

But the food is another thing and believe me, once you started checking out my pictures, you'll be heading to this place in no time!

 Fried Tuyo with Kesong Puti Pasta
  Truffle Mushroom (Fettuccini Pasta)
 Quatro Cheese
  Chicken Penne Pesto
  Iced Mocha
  Beef Pastrami
  Hot Chocolate
Smoked Turkey Ham Sandwich

Believe me, the pictures says it all and their food is really to die for. My ultimate favorite is the Fried Tuyo with Kesong Puti. At first I was hesitant to try it since I'm not very fond of Tuyo but after tasting it, it truly complemented the flavor of the pasta together with the kesong puti. It's a whole new level of pasta for me. Their food is really good and surprisingly it's very affordable as well. 

This is also perfect for those students who have limited budget but wants to enjoy good food, relaxing ambiance where they can study and reliable wifi.

Happy Food hunting! 

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