To The Top First Elimination Night: Luis Gragera Eliminated!

11:57:00 PM

Last August 15 and 16, To the Top boys performed their very own Acapella version of 
APO Hiking Society's greatest Hits. 

Check out Team A's theatrical version of "Anna"

Team B's performance gave them a sweet victory this week when they
 performed "Di Na Natuto"

Team C did a unique version of "Salawikain" with a Beat Box performance

It was also the elimination night that week and the judges need to pick one between AJ Ajrouche and Luis Gragera. They both performed for the last time and and the judges finally decided that it's time for Luis Gragera to bid farewell to his team mates.

Check out the heartbreaking scene here:

It was hard for his team mates to let him go and Luis felt really felt sad that his journey as part of the To The Top boys ends here but as the judges said, the journey only begins here.

Don't miss the episode this weekend August 22 and 23 as the 4th Showdown takes place but
what will happen to MJ Magno after he gets injured? will he be eliminated this week?

The first multi-platform boy band competition in the Philippines

TO THE TOP has a new timeslot!
Saturdays at 10:40 PM
Sundays at 9:55 PM

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