OpenSnap Adventure: Meet the Delectable Mr. Pizza

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I'm a certified Pizza lover and I know most of us are Pizza lovers as well. Since I'm a bit adventurous when it comes to food, I try my best to check out different dishes when I go out and when I learned that Mr. Pizza, Korea's famous and largest Pizza chain will open here in the Philippines, I got really excited because I am curious with Korea's famous pizza.

Mr. Pizza opened their very first branch at Greenbelt 3 and I super love the spacious area and the high ceiling. It has a minimalist design with a Korean vibe too. They have a big LCD tv where they show KPOP Music Videos for KPOP lovers out there. They also have a second floor and a Wifi connection too. 

Mr. Pizza doesn't only serve different Pizza flavors, they also offer pasta and chicken. 
Check out some of the dishes I've tried with my friends at Mr. Pizza. 

Seafood Real Tomato Pasta

 Hallabong Ade - Korean Tangerine Drink
 Crab Carbonara
 Mozzarella sticks for side dish
Ms. Chicken (Sweet) and Mr. Chicken (Hot and Spicy)

Now, the moment we're waiting for! The Pizza!!!
 Mr.Pizza Combo - Signature blend of pizza of fresh 9 toppings including pepperoni, 
bacon and mushrooms
 Secret Garden - Tender chicken strips and fresh vegetables with white sauce
 Potato Gold - This is Mr.Pizza's best seller with a mix of buttery potatoes and 
savory bacon
 Macho Grande with Mocha Bun - a wonderful combination of round steak toppings and cream cheese with stuffed mocha bun crust
Bulgogi - Loaded with Korean style Bulgogi charcoal grilled beef

I turly enjoyed all their food, too bad they don't offer desserts right now but soon they will. 
My favorite pizza is the Macho Grande with Mocha Bun, it perfectly fits my palette simply because I also love mocha and the combination of something sweet and the pizza flavor is really unique, I recommend for you to try it.

There's a lot of Restaurants in Metro Manila that offers delectable Pizza, which is why if ever you crave one, no need to worry because you can find one in a matter of minutes and at the tip of your fingertips just by clicking a mobile app. You can find Mr. Pizza via OpenSnap as well. 

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Happy food hunting!

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