Do the Couple-Pabebe Wave & WIN an OVERNIGHT STAY at Luxent Hotel!

6:40:00 PM

ALDUB is surely making waves online and in every household. They're one of the most popular love team today and who wouldn't want to take a selfie doing the Pabebe wave? 

If you feel you're Yaya Dub, bring your own Alden.

If you feel you're Alden, bring your own Yaya Dub.

Together, make your own cutest "Pabebe couple wave" and 'Experience' a one-night stay at the Luxent Hotel FOR FREE if you win this contest!

1. Send only one of your pabebe couple selfie at with your names until 
October 23, Friday.

2. ExperienceTravel.Ph Facebook page will post a photo album on October 25, Sunday.

3. Contestants must share the album to their Facebook timeline

4. The most number of "shared photos" will win the game.

5. Announcement of winner is on November 5, 2015.

Don't miss this chance to bond with your special someone at Luxent Hotel!

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