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We've seen Janine Gutierrez in the cover of top magazines in the country and we've proven the fact that she is indeed a very beautiful lady but when it comes to being an actress, is she as talented as her Mom Ms. Lotlot De Leon? The answer is a big YES. At her young age, she knows how to showcase her passion when it comes to acting and she is very outspoken about how she wanted to learn more as years pass by.

Janine Gutierrez’s onscreen versatility will be tested as she is paired with Mark Herras and Aljur Abrenica in the GMA News production Dangwa. This is the first time that Janine will be paired with other Kapuso artist other than her real life boyfriend Elmo Magallona. Although she misses him and wishes that they can work again together, Janine said that Elmo is very supportive of her infact there are times that he would drop by at their set and would even gave her "pasalubong". She added that she is thankful that their fans are still there for them even if they're both busy with different projects. 

In Dangwa, Janine will play an "Angel Cupid" or a 'matchmaker' named "ROSA" that connects people to their destined other half. She is also paired to be married to one of her kind but she falls in love with a mortal. She decides to give up her immortality to follow her heart and to meet the mortal she likes. They fall in love but when the guy's first love comes back, he leaves Rosa and goes off with her. Much to Rosa's heartbreak, she asks the 'great one' if she can come back and be immortal again. Pleading and in tears, she is surprised to see that her tears become rose buds. The 'Great One' tells her that she can come back and be immortal again if she starts spreading the love again. The crystal rose buds born out of her pain will bloom when she meets someone whose love story she needs to help fulfill. Once she completes the task, only then can she be immortal once again. She now works as a flower vendor in Dangwa and tries to do all things within her means to make the love stories of the chosen individuals bloom and in the process she also (hopefully) finds her own and make (once again) the difficult decision of following her task to regain all that she lost or to follow her heart and risk losing everything once again.

“I’m really grateful for the opportunity,” said Janine. “This is the latest baby of GMA News. Based on my experience doing guest appearances on GMA News shows such as Wagas and Karelasyon, the outputs always come out good. Their productions are well-crafted like the directing and the editing parts. This time around, they have a kilig program which will be airing every day. It’s a first from them.”

This is Janine's follow up project after More Than Words and she feels really blessed that is is given Rom-Com projects or light teleseryes and this one is also a big challenge because this is also the first time GMA is banking on a morning series, usually GMA will play Koreanovelas in the morning. Janine said that Dangwa offers something fresh and inspiring for people who are justing starting the way, they wants to inspire them to have a beautfiul days ahead.

“It’s about love and being good,” she shared. “It’s about love for boyfriend or girlfriend, love for family or even love for yourself. Rosa, my character, will share sayings with other characters on the show and with televiewers. She has this habit of appearing from nowhere and speaking about personal learnings that surprise the guest characters. Nang gugulat lang siya ng mga lessons in life.”

According to Janine, Rosa and her love interests Baste and Lorenzo, portrayed by Mark and Aljur, respectively, will be present all throughout the show and as each story progresses. Their stories interweave with the stories of the guest stars. Rosa, the flower vendor; Baste, the flower delivery boy; and Lorenzo, the furniture designer remain the dominant voices and “constant” on the show. Every week presents and promises new story to look forward to. And the approach is episodic. Televiewers can follow it religiously or watch it on a specific week, if they are busy, without getting lost in the narrative. “The fans will be given the opportunity to watch their idols in a different story apart from the teleserye they are doing,” she added.

Mark Herras plays the roles of "Baste". He doesn't know his parents because he grew up in an orphanage from the age of six. He was found in front of the church door. He escaped the orphanage at the age of eleven. Ever since, he went on from living in between jobs until he managed to get a job as a delivery boy in Dangwa of flowers. He still longs to look for his real parents. He cloaks his emotional self with being a braggart and street smart with his wit and thug charms. A lot of women fall for his bad boy attitude. He regularly supplies Rosa with flowers. They banter and fight but they end of being friends. He is surprised how Rosa can be friends with him without falling in love like the others.

Mark said that he misses dancing which is his first love. Now that he is busy with three projects: Little Nanay, Dangwa and the upcoming BiGuelTeleserye Wish I May, Mark said that he is very contented with how GMA Artist Center and GMA Network handles his career and he can't ask for more. He added that with these projects, he gets the chance to test his versatility because he will be playing different roles. According to Mark, Janine is very professional. They've worked together in Party Pilipinas but not as close as being together in a teleserye and being paired together so this experience is something new to them. Good thing is that they're friends and they're comfortable working with each other.

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Aljur plays the role of Lorenzo. A furniture designer, architect and the handsome son of a wealthy hotelier family who is set in his bachelor ways and constantly deflects his family's attempts to make him commit until he meets Dianne. He changed his ways and they're almost set to marry but she dumped him for her former flame. Heartbroken, he always goes to the house that he designed and built to be their dream house. He tries to win back Dianne but to no avail. He goes to Dangwa to buy white roses for Dianne. And there she meets Rosa.

This is a comeback project for Aljur and he welcomes this feel good teleserye that will truly inspire everyone. He said that it feels good to work again with his friend Mark. This is also his first time to work with Janine and he finds her really charming and very professional too. 
Aljur said that he wants to focus now on being a versatile actor and trying out different fields as well. He added that this is his passion and he is now more prepared to embark on this journey more than ever.

The three of them were asked if they were a flower, what would they be? Mark said that he'd choose Carnation because although it looks simple, it has a lot of colors, just like him since he can also be very versatile when it comes to acting. Janine chose Star Gazer because Star gazer always looks up to its dream just like her but always remains its roots or feet in the ground. Aljur chose orchids because he said the orchids will die if it's not taken care properly and he can very well relate to it.

Dangwa, as the latest offering from GMA 7, might run for more than a season since there are plotlines that can be explored and more artists can grace the mid-morning, feel-good show. So far, episodes to watch out for are with Carla Abellana as "Sleeping Beauty" opposite Rafael Rosell and "Modus" with Barbie Forteza and Ruru Madrid.

Asked if there will be chance that the ALDUB stars will be part of the series and the director said there might be a chance, hopefully next year when Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza are not that busy anymore. Elmo Magallona might even be a guest in the future, who knows, so fans and supporters of Janine and Elmo should watch out for this.

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