Lumayo Ka Nga Sa Akin Showing on January 13!

2:30:00 AM

Straight from Bob Ong's Best Selling Novel, "Lumayo Ka Nga Sa Akin" is another book to film adaptation and I'm sure those who have read the book will be excited to watch this movie as well. Produced by Viva Films and directed by blockbuster directors like Andoy Ranay, Chris Martinez and Mark Meily. The movie is a satire like or a parody of the movies or teleseryes we usually watch and you will surely be familiar with most of the scenes.

Bala sa Bala, Kamao sa Kamao, Satsat sa Satsat, which satirizes the favorite elements of an action movie, is the first part which stars Benjie Paras, Candy Pangilinan, John Regala, Rez Cortez and more. I believe that John Regala is the perfect example of how an action star or a hoodlum in the movie portrays their role because you will feel as if he's really a bad guy in real life. He portrayed roles like rapist, a killer, drug lord and more and there are times that his roles are a bit traumatizing to that extent that only proves that he is that effective. Candy Pangilinan is one actress that I really admire because she can shift from drama to comedy with a snap just like Benjie Paras.

Direk Chris handled the episode titled Asawa ni Marie, which is a parody of the Filipino soap opera. The set-up is already funny with a love quadrangle figuring among a poor farm girl played by Cristine Reyes, the two brothers who own the farm and the girlfriend of one of the brothers who figures as the eternal villainess.  Yagit who is a mascot dog is also funny, Joey Paras has a lot of funny scenes in the movie and I really love how he projects every funny scene, it's not "OA"at all. I'm also glad to see Antoinette Taus in the big screen as well, hopefully she'll get more projects in the future and as for Cristine Reyes, she can portray any role and she will give her 100%. 

Direk Andoy Ranay spoofs the Filipino horror film in an episode titled Shake, Shaker, Shakest.  After dealing with mostly young promising actors in his blockbusters, direk Andoy finds himself directing Maricel Soriano and Quezon City Mayor Herbert Bautista.

This episode actually surprised me because I actually find Mayor Herbert Bautista really funny in the movie paired with Ms. Maricel Soriano, it's like a riot in the movie. Shy Carlos also did a good job in the movie, she's pretty and at the same time very talented, she can do horror and comedy all at the same time. 

Don't miss the comedy prowess of the whole cast! Showing on January 13 in
 cinemas nationwide!

Watch the trailer here:

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