Love is Blind Starring Derek, Solenn, Kean & Kiray Showing on February 10!

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Finally got the chance to watch Love is Blind on it's Red Carpet Premiere last February 5 at SM Megamall. Love is Blind is produced by Regal Films and Mother Lily Monteverde was present as well during the premiere night. She was all praises to the whole cast who I must say did a great job with the romantic comedy film.

During the BlogCon of the movie were Derek Ramsay, Kean Cipriano and Kiray Celis together with their director Jason Paul Laxamana, Kiray mentioned that she is thrilled and very thankful to Mother Lily for giving her the opportunity to be a leading star of the movie, but not only that, to be paired with two good looking and talented men of the showbiz industry: Derek and Kean.  Kiray added that she's been part of numerous movies and tv shows, her roles mostly are not the noticeable but in this movie, you will definitely see how Kiray shine bright like a diamond. She's witty, funny, talented and pretty, nothing will stop Kiray from showing everyone that she is so ready to be the "bida" in this movie. When asked who is her big crush in the showbix industry, Kiray mentioned that it will always be Sam Milby, ever since she was in Goin' Bulilit, he was her ultimate crush.

Directed by Jason Paul Laxamana (Babagwa, Astro Mayabang and Magkakabaung), Love is Blind casts Derek as spoiled bachelor Wade who turns his back on his sassy girlfriend Maggie (Solenn) when he meets Fe (Kiray), a hotel intern who looks so much like his ex. Unknown to Wade, Fe has a secret weapon, a love potion that she got from her friend (Kean Cipriano) that transforms her into Maggie’s character every time she and Wade meet.

I have to say Kiray really nailed her role in the movie. She acts so natural and I totally find the chemistry with Kiray and Kean. Most of the viewers during the premiere night were so "kilig" with Kean and Kiray that they might even be a cute love team in the future. Kean portrayed the perfect boy-next-door role in Love is Blind. 

Honestly speaking, this is the only time, in this role that I find him really attractive and cute, his role made him vulnerable and at the same time focusing on how he can make Fe love him back by just being him, convincing that Fe (Kiray) is lovable with or without a potion. There are so many "kilig" scenes of Kiray and Kean and I guarantee you, you'll feel the same way with them. I hope they get more projects after this.

Love is Blind is Derek and Solenn’s first project after their break-up nine years ago when entering show business was never part of their long-term plans.

According to Derek, “I was really excited that there was a project offered to me with Solenn.  It’s nice to see how she has progressed (as an artist). She is a very good actress. She can make people laugh. During our relationship, we had so much fun, we like to travel. We're very good friends now."

As for Derek and Kiray's kiss on the movie, Kiray and Derek said it was one of the funniest scene that they shot and it took several takes before it came out perfectly. "In fairness, his breath was fresh. Kung ano ang bango ng katawan niya, ‘yun din ang amoy ng hininga niya.” This is just one of the scenes that moviegoers can look forward to aside from the kilig moments with Kiray and Kean then Kiray and Derek as well. 

Who wouldn't love Solenn on this movie, aside from being the hottie girl that she is, she looks so free spirited and really funny in this movie. She would make you realize that no matter what you look, you should be loved for who and what you are. Derek and Solenn still looks good together on the big screen, it's as if they're still a couple. 

The ending might be predictable for some but Direk Laxamana made it sure that the moviegoers will surely enjoy every kilig scene in the movie. This is a breath of fresh air from Derek's role of drama/love story like No Other Woman and A Secret Affair. 

I truly enjoyed watching this movie, there's no dull scene. You will fall in love with the characters! Go watch it with your family or friends! 

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