Dion Ignacio Celebrated his 30th Birthday at Camillus Medhaven Nursing Home

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Dion Ignacio celebrated his 30th birthday at Camillus Medhaven Nursing Home with the elderly and just like what he usually experience in his past birthdays whenever he gets to celebrate it on a charity event, it's always a memorable one for him. 

While waiting for the birthday celebrant, I got the chance to tour around Camillus Medhaven and I was impressed because it's like a place where someone can have a retreat, but this is actually a place for the elderly where there are proper care givers who can take care of their needs especially when it comes to their health.

Even though it's Dion Ignacio's birthday, he treated the elderly in day full of fun games, treats and even serenaded them. According to Dion, Camillus Medhaven is near where he lives in Marikina City and this is just the perfect place to spend his birthday. 

Dion eagerly went to each of the elderly to greet them and everyone welcomed him 
with open arms. He took photos with each of them and even did a sample dance number for the elderly as well. 

Dion's wish for his birthday is simple, to have good health so that he can work more and provide for his family and save for the future. After doing Marimar, he has a lot of free time which is why he enrolled in a Culinary school, he said that this has been one of his plans in the past because he also wanted to learn something new. Dion added that since he didn't finish his studies because of work, he wanted to study again and he picked Culinary school so that he can eventually use it in the future when he opens a business.

Right now, Dion is just waiting for the perfect project from GMA Network although when asked if he is also willing to do an Indie Movie which is also the trend nowadays since more of the Starstruck stars have done it like Aljur Abrenica. Dion said that he would love to do an Indie movie and is up for the challenge however when asked if he doesn't have limitations when it comes to accepting roles since he is already 30 years old, he answered that he is not yet comfortable doing "sexy roles" because he is not yet proud to display his body especially now that he's not yet hitting the gym, hopefully in the future if he gets the energy and motivation to get back and work out. Dion admitted that although he loves to sing, he would love to be a performer not really a singer because there are only a few genre of songs that he can sing but he loves to perform infront of people too since he really enjoyed helping out his friend Tom Rodriguez during his Lip Sync Battle. 

Dion openly said that he will vote for Rodrigo Duterte for President in the coming elections and would also love to campaign for him given the chance. He added that he believe Duterte is the man that can do a lot of changes in the Philippines. Right now, he wish he can try doing action roles too since he has done several drama scenes in the past. 

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